"I only have so much time," said a middle-aged women. She was alone, in a wide room. The room was run down, appearing to be very old. The walls looked rotted in, and the ceiling was no better. A ray of light shined in through a hole in the ceiling, where the wood had rotted beyond repair. Not like the woman was going to change it. This was HER home, and this is where she would remain.

"This body will soon be rebelling," She said out loud again. "I will need a new host soon." She looked outside through a window. "Seems like a pleasant enough day, time to go find one. Oh! But I'll need to pre-prepare my challenges! I do need to test them. I can't settle for anything less than a perfect host. Well, Claudia, you have work to do." She swiftly turned to exit the room. The room had a door, the only thing in even fair condition. She opened it, gently, and shut it behind her. She had work to do.

In the nearby town, two teenaged girls walked down the main street. The two girls looked very similiar, with pale blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and pale skin. A stranger might mistake the two for angels, but they were anything but. One had a stern expression, and was almost at the brink of yelling. The other was sporting an angry expression and was raising her voice. Those that lived in this particular small town knew this as a regular sight. The two were twins, and acted as the other's polar opposite. The two couldn't get along on any matter.

"We still have to get groceries!" The first girl said, on the brink of losing her temper. Her hair was down, and very neatly kept. She was dressed in all black. The main thing that stuck out about her was that she was wearing a long parka. It was only autumn, and she was already beginning to dress warm. She was incredibly sensitive to the cold, so sometimes even in the summer, she would wear a heavy coat. She always wore some form of jacket though.

"But Eva, we only did that yesterday! We still have a lot of food!" The other sister complained. She wore her hair up, and it wasn't so neatly kept. It was messed up in an eternal bad hair day. She, unlike her sister, was dressed in colors. She had on a long-sleeved dress, and she wore white tights and black snowboots.

"We did? Oh, I must've forgotten," Eva said looking humbled slightly. "Well then May, we should be heading home. Don't need Matthew to worry." Both girls got a troubled expression. To out it simply, their elder brother, Matthew, was trouble. He was always making the two girls life more complicated. He was also the only thing the two sisters shared an opinion about. They hated him. With all of their hearts. But he was also their legal guardian. So the two had to put up with him. They hurried off, hoping their brother wasn't home yet.

A middle-aged women, whom had seen the whole spectacle for herself, smiled inwardly. "They'll be perfect. Absolutely perfect." She made sure she had a good grip on her bags, and began to head back. "One of them will make a delightful host."