another metaphor for goodbye


only one scented mayweed leaf
remained in my teacup,
forming an outline of your smile

the raven outside tried
to tell me a warning
but it was still too cold

the sky choked and sputtered
out stained glass stars,
dancing a minuet upon the roof

my love for you withered like flowers
though each petal knew how
to speak your name

i threw your notes in the pond,
watching them drown with
the decaying sunset's shadow

blame it on the rain but
you were still the reason for
these august scars

you drove away from my train-wreck innocence,
these empty streets signifying another
metaphor for goodbye

i hang our memories on a scarlet ibis tree,
letting them bleed with the moon

i left my heart in your mailbox,
yesterday stuck in between parentheses

( lost in paraphrase )

you were just a knock away
but these hands have faded
into another static afterthought

we used to take sips of nostalgia
from old wine bottles
in the front porch

and the night sang a papercut lullaby,
ghosts of summer etched
in black and white

your breath spelled forever
in cigarette smoke and the breeze
echoed a chorus in falsetto

i can still smell your cologne amidst
the burning embers, captured
moments in fugitive dreams

and resembling a diffident angel,
maybe tonight i'll finally fly away
to where you are