Unselfish acts of kindness Good morning. Recently in school we had the chance to learn about Terry Fox and the great things he's was able to raise millions of dollars to help cancer research. Sometimes we wonder what we can do to help out. Well listen to this…

I will talk to different people and try to find out some ways that we can make the world a better place. First I talked to my mom and she reminded me of the time the teachers really helped our family out.

My mom found out she had cancer. She had to go away for treatment. Well, my dad didn't usually cook and clean because these are things that my mom takes care of. Luckily the teachers were nice enough to bring food like pizza, ribs, lasagna, chicken, rice, pasta, banana bread, and even more. Am I making you hungry?

Well it was all great and really helped us out. At the place where my mom staying at there were people who came in to do movie nights, crafts, card games, and more. These people were not getting paid. They just volunteered their time because they cared.

Then I asked out school principal, Mr. Travers if he could tell me about someone who helped him out. He told me about the time when he was in Grade 2. He was doing a collage with shells. He wondered if the shell would smell like the ocean. He put the shell close to his nose and took a deep breath but he couldn't smell anything. He moved the shell closer and sniffed it right up his nose! Luckily his principal was nice and took his time and got it out. At that time Mr. Travers thought WOW! Principals can do anything!

Next I talked to Miss Goldhirsch. She says that the other teachers often help each other out. Miss. Nicosia is especially kind to her. Also she said that if a teacher is down in the dumps Ms. Arthur will put a gift on their desk to cheer them up.

When I asked Mrs Megalos, right away she thought of her parents and how helpful they were to her all of her life. When she was little her family didn't have a lot of money. One time someone who worked with her dad came and brought a box with clothes for her. She was so happy. She was amazed that someone who didn't even know her could be so nice.

Well, if you want to be like the people I mentioned then just act nice and maybe one day someone will write a speech about you.

~ phantom130 5 (January 2006)