This is a short excerpt from another novel I've been working on. Trigger warning is necessary.

For context, the main character whose perspective the story takes place from is a rape victim, a high school teacher repeatedly violated by one of his students. Rose is his fiance. This excerpt shows some of what's come from the incidents which Ryan refuses to report or tell Rose about out of fear that she'll leave him. Rose only knows that he's been hiding something from her (her quotes below)

"How can I marry you when I don't even know what's happening to you?" ... "We used to be like rabbits and now you're treating me like I have rabies."

She got up and carried the box with a wedding gown store's logo on the top and went to our room. I limped in with a hot face as my throat grew sore and went to the guest room where I locked the door and fell asleep.

I was woken up by a weight on the covers, pulling them away from me. Rose's silhouette leaned over my body with the hallway light behind her. She kissed me gently and I felt comforted. I even kissed her back and held her arms while my heart ached to just hold her close to me, just to keep her with me in any way I could.

Our kisses got more passionate and I eventually felt our bodies turning hot and melting together. She must have felt it too because she started touching me and feeling my body. I could feel the desperation in her fingers, the want, the slightly forgiving disposition, but when her hands went through my hair, I was reminded again. I felt Ben pulling my hair and pinning me down. I felt him tearing into me and my body collapsing in a shameful gasp. That gasp echoed in the guest bedroom as I pushed Rose back roughly.

I immediately regretted it and wanted to apologize but I didn't know how. She was silent for a moment but I could feel the heat coming off of her, no longer in desire but anguish. She slapped me hard across the face and I felt some of her tears sink into my shirt before she climbed off the bed and left, slamming the door shut behind her. I didn't sleep for the rest of the night.

The next morning, her car was gone and when I checked our room, all of my things were thrown to the floor while her things were gone, including her two suitcases. She'd left.