... ya I got nothing my weekend was full of very weird dreams, I was in a hot tube and all these monkeys were with me. But they sounded like my friends and then I was a beach, which I liked a lot so I went for a swim. Now I swam out far because I like to swim and I'm good at it untill I couldn't see the land any more. now it get even weirder, some how I was on the Titanic and it was sinking. I got on a life bote because I was a girl, but we got split up and then there was like 10 sharks around us but they weren't regular sharks they had lasers and they ate us then I woke up. I wonder what this means? My friends are weird, well I knew that. but why was I on the titanic... im probably reading too much black butler.

Ok its 11 I had a long weekend be happy you got this. (you are going to hate me Gladus) My Dear friend Gladue your story must be written in Shakespearean (this is one of your words), have flying cars (that one word), and 14 (our 14 not everyone elses). ;} Do you hate me yet?