Their Moment

She put on her long, white dress and tied the black bow perfectly. She checked her makeup and hair in the mirror. She walked downstairs to see her best friend looking back at her with a smile on her face. This wasn't a wedding. How ironic and sad that would be. She was going on a date, not with the one she was in love with. They would have been together still if they hadn't missed their moment.

Their moment wasn't big or fancy. It wasn't when they first said those special three words. It was an ordinary day doing ordinary things. They were lying on her couch in her apartment. Her head was on his shoulder. They were just talking. The sun suddenly burst through the clouds from that rainy, drizzly day it had been. The light bounced radiantly off of her hair. Little did they know that that was their moment.

Months passed after that. They went through hard times and good times. The stress of the real world came onto them. They grew apart. Now she was putting on a white dress remembering them talking about one day being married. She was going on a date with another guy, not even knowing if she would ever get over her true love. She walked downstairs to see her best friend waiting on her.

"Let's go," her friend said.


They drove to the elegant restaurant and got out of the car. Two tall men came and greeted them. One of them greeted her best friend with a kiss on the cheek. The other came over to her.

"Hi, I'm Will."

"Hi, I'm Liz," she said, suddenly seeing her future a little bit brighter.