His eyes. Entwined in the glimmering light. I see into his soul. "He belongs to me." I hear my voice scream. The words bellowing out. I just can't contain it.

"He is not yours. He is no possession," she replies.

I cannot believe her. She comes into my house? She clams him? She has no right. To take him? To act like this? She is no saint. I can see past it. The wall she puts up. The one holding people back. The one hiding the truth. Keeping me from him.

"How dare you. This is my home. It was never yours. Just like him."

"He chose to lea…"

"Only because you threatened him," I cut her off

"He made his choice," she slides away. The dark sucking them in. He is right beside her. Like he was with me. Her betrayal all too sweet.

She started it. She weaved her lies. Cutting deep. I was his love. As he was mine. I remember when we met. His eyes shone. I could see my reflection. I saw our eyes entwined. Like a dance too familiar. And that's when I knew. It would never be the same. I saw the hope. Through the pain and despair. He was like no other.

That is when it started. Two friends. Known each other since Birth. You would think she'd understand. You'd think she'd know.