She was absolutely certain she was dreaming.

She was completely capable of swimming across the small lake, but the weather had suddenly turned nasty. What had been a perfectly calm, clear day, was suddenly a massive rainstorm as soon as she was far away from land. And now, she was drowning. It was inexplicable. How did that happen? How did she even get here?

Her hands flailed uselessly as her head disappeared under the waves. She tried to scream, but only ended up inhaling water. It was difficult to remain calm, try as she might, in the face of certain death.

There was no reason to her sudden predicament. This was a dream, wasn't it? Why isn't it pleasant? Why is it so terrifying? Why was she so alone?

Her tears blended seamlessly with the water in the lake, imperceptible, to the fish that swam around her. She was impervious to the pain, the fear of death overriding it, destroying all rational thought. She stopped thinking, her instinctive struggle failing to get her any closer to the surface. She was too far from the surface to ever reach it, she was sure, and she was only getting farther.

Images flashed by, and she tried to make sense of it all. It seemed to her like the flash of memories that have often been described by other people with near death experiences, but she could not make sense of anything. Her memories went by in a blur, and she could not even identify a single person or a single moment in time. They were tangled in a massive heap of nonsensical screens, flickering too fast for her to catch anything.

She reached out, to touch the images, and they shattered.

She felt herself near the end, as blackness took over. Her fear faded. She knew she was about to wake.