Chapter 1: Life Itself

Life is like a bone. It's hard, builds strength, and it's precious. All those characteristics, is how I'm here today. Life may be hard, but its builds strength in your body and it's precious. If you don't get how these relate, you will understand after I tell my tale. I myself wouldn't have found hope without Norman, here. You know, I think instead of just boring you with life lessons, I will just tell my story. But an old friend once told me

"Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts."

-Sherlock, died in World War II, bomb sniffing hound dog.

We begin our story in the small town of Indiana.

Chapter 2:

The first time I experienced life was when I was first born. The first thing I noticed was darkness. I was blind as a bat. I was hardly able to find my way around. But one day, when the moisture had gone away from my eyes, I opened them. My first sight was not my mother, nor my owner. I saw an alley with dogs, cats, dumpsters, and garbage. When I turned around I saw a black cat looking at me with its dark green eyes.

"Welcome Max, I'm your mother, Opal" she said.

"You don't look like my mother; my mother should look like a dog. You're a cat, I'm the dog." I said.

"You're already that smart! Boy, are you quick! Your mother was right when she gave you up she said you were really smart." Opal said, and then suddenly she clamped her paw over her mouth. My eyes filled with tears. I felt the moisture in my eyes all over again.

"What?" I whined.

"Look, I'm sorry Max, but your father was a bloodhound and your mother was an Irish setter, you are a mutt and your owner was a breeder. He only wanted pure breeds."

"Oh, I understand" I said with tears filling my eyes even more. I just wanted to curl up in a little ball and cry. I wanted just to chase away Opal, but I realized that she may be the only family I have. So I stayed with her. Day and night. Sunshine and rain. Until one day, she let me wonder on my own.

Chapter 3:

I was probably One year old when I was able to go out by myself without Opal. There was hardly anyone who pays attention to me. I just wonder the streets like they were my own. I found out a lot about Opal along the years. I found out that she had a kitten named smoky. He was a gray kitten. He was only a few months when I met him, and I also found out that she was declawed. That was an unlucky trait of hers. I was digging through our mailbox which was pretty much our garbage can. You never know what's in it, just like a mailbox. Opal was out at the deli getting sausages for me (Hey, a dog's got to eat) when suddenly I saw Opal running into the alley.

"Quickly Max, HIDE!" I obeyed and hid under the dumpster.

"Come back here you thieving cat!" a voice said. She tried to climb the wall but all she was doing was just scaling the wall with her paws. She looked behind her and saw him getting closer with a butcher's knife in one hand and a bucket in the other.

"You know what I do to thieves!" he said. Just as she turned around, the butcher threw his knife to end Opal's life. I growled and barked at the butcher. He heard me and picked me up.

"Well aren't you cute. Maybe my son Norman will want you. You're way too young to be in an alley like this." I heard the small call of Smokey's "meow" and saw him come out and I saw his blue eyes for the last time before leaving my home in the alley.