Hello. This story is actually an assessment so please ignore any bits that seem extremely factual.

the question I had to answer was 'Is It Right To Test Products On Animals?' and we had to put three pieces of info for our view and two for why someone might say the opposite.

I believe animal testing is wrong so the story is more geared towards that.

No flames please and enjoy the story.

A big cold, lonely looking building. That's all this is. Just a big ominous looking building. A building that just so happens to have a history of people hearing tortured animal screams coming from it late at night. Or that's what the locals say at least.

Ring ring … ring ring

Fishing into my bag I grab my phone without looking at the caller I.D.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Alright, Jess. Are you in Liverpool checking out those animal screams in the cheese factory yet?" Asks my boss. Mr R Nickelson.

"Yes, I am. And it's quite scary looking even in broad daylight!" I proclaim. My voice shaking.

"Tough! I was just phoning you to remind you that you need to take pictures and be back in three days. This is going to be huge if it's what we think it is! Animal testing. Who'd a thought that it would be right in the middle of Liverpool? I don't see why anyone would test anything on animals. Were just so different. Something that might be poisonous to a rabbit might not be to a human. In fact it might save human lives. But we will never know because it turned out poisonous to a creature that is incredibly different to us humans."

"Yes. Very true." I say making a note in my notebook. After saying our goodbyes the line goes dead.

I take a deep breath and prepare myself for nightfall when I will have to find a way into the boarded up building.

Nightfall that's when the noises start. That's when I will brave the scary looking cheese factory.

Nightfall – 6 hours later – 9:00pm

The door groans as I try to break the back door down.

An owl hoots. More cold sweat breaks out as I bite my lower lip and my arms start to shake from the effort of opening the door and the fear racking my body. I wipe my hand onto my jeans in an attempt to dry them.

At least I know where I've got to go. Down to a secret basement. I think to calm my nerves. But it suddenly dawns on me.

What if I'm caught breaking in? Will I be tested on as well? All the animals must feel this way too. It's proven and kind of obvious that animals feel pain just like humans. No human should ever feel the pain of what's suspected to be going on in this cheese factory. So why should animals have to instead?!

Finally the door opens with an almighty crack. Dust fly's everywhere. A coughing fit racks my body as my eyes water trying to get rid of the dust that clouds my vision.

I stumble forward into the factory and the smell of disinfectant, blood, puss and burning is everywhere. Unused cages are stacked up against the wall and whimpering is coming from the corner of the room.

I turn my torch on and sweep the room. A scream escapes me before I realise what I'm seeing. Crates upon crates of damaged animals with tortured looks in their eyes. The stronger ones still able to whimper. I tear my eyes away from the pool of blood at the bottom of the crates and move backwards. The sight burning itself into my eyes.

Averting my gaze I notice a dimly lit corridor across the room and at the end of that corridor there was a set of spiral stairs. I quickly walk past the cages of dying animals, not knowing what to do for them.

As I reach the stair I hear muttering, human muttering, coming from downstairs. I hide in the shadows as two young men in dark blue jumpsuits walk up the stairs from the basement holding a crate of animals freshly dead by the looks of it. I stop breathing as they go past so they don't hear me.

"I see why people disagree with this animal testing thing but I don't think they realise the benefits." One man says.

"Yeah. I mean this is the nasty after product," the second man says indicating to the cage "but we cured thalidomide by testing drugs and medicines on animals."

"True. Thalidomide was terrible. All of those birth defects are gone now because we tested on animals."

Their voices faded away into the darkness at the end of the hall. I waited a few more seconds and then start down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs the room opens up into a big room with metal doors at one end and empty crates stacked up to either side. I quickly take a picture and scurry off to the metallic doors.

I open the doors a little bit and stick my head through. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the bright white light but when they do clear what I see is a long, wide corridor with lots of the same kind of metal door along both sides of the corridor. I open the door more and slip in.

I sneak towards the first door to my left and peer through the circular window at the top of the door. Knowing that I've got to hurry to somewhere with shadows to be able to hide in case someone walks past.

In the room is a lady with bright orange hair, tied up in a ponytail, probably mid thirtys. She shifts and I see a small metal table where she's about to inject a caramel looking liquid into a tiny white mouse. I flinch away from the sight as she puts the needle into its leg.

This is horrible but I put my camera up to the window anyway. Not bothering to see if it will take a good picture. The shutter goes twice indicating two pictures taken and I put the camera away before taking long strides down to another door about half way down on the right side.

A horrible smell is pouring out of this room. I take a look through the window and see lots of small crates. Each with their own animal in. Monkeys, Rabbits, Mice, Rats etc. Faeces cover the floor and the animals at the bottom are sat in all the other animals waste.

Clearly none of these animals have been used yet but the smaller animals at the bottom are missing limbs and have terrible rashes. Most likely from sitting in acidic waste.

The monkeys at the top of the pile are hunched over and bleeding from trying to get out of their cages. Puss also fills their cuts in some cases.

Cruelty in a nut shell or in this case a mesh cage. That's all that repeats itself in my head.

The door down the corridor that I entered in starts to open. So I pull open the door in front of me and plug my nose. Shutting the door behind me I slip. As the floor comes rushing to meet me I realise I'm falling into a puddle of blood. I hit the ground face first. I stay still for a bit and turn over. My bright red hair flayed about in the blood. Covered in blood and excrements I close my eyes and hold my breath as the door creaked open.

Two sets of footsteps enter the room. I stay as still as possible.

"Were gunna have to clean this up soon or else these animals are gunna die. Half a foot, man that's a lot." One male voice says.

"Yeah, but it can wait for a bit. Seeing all the animals crated up in here. I hate this job but I've got to bring some money into my house somehow. I've been unemployed for months."

It sounded like the two that were carrying that crate up the stairs.

The two walk right past me and pick up a crate each. Turning around they walk straight back towards the door. However one of them trips on my shoulder and comes crashing onto of me. The monkey in the cage screaming as it's thrown across the room.

The other man puts the cage down while the man that fell scrambles up. I stay silent just in case they didn't know I was there. Deep down, I knew I was going to get caught, but there's no point in giving up immediately.

The man that fell wipes himself of the worst of the faeces before yanking me up by the back of my now horribly stained white and blue t-shirt.

A look of shock sweeps across their faces. They looked at each other in disbelief and then back to me.

The man not holding me pokes my face, not quite believing that I'm real. Suddenly they spring into action.

Dragging me into an unused room with a metal table and a cupboard they throw me to the floor and lock the door behind them once they left.

I sit up bringing my knees to my chest and resting my head on my knees . Taking a deep breath I look up. On the wall there's a poster. On this poster it has a benefit for animal testing.

It says:


Testing is helping saving human lives. All medicine proven safe for human use is saving companies billions in compensations for side effects. It also means that your fellow people aren't having to suffer more in their weakened state of illness.

How do they know the product tested on animals will be safe for humans … unless they also test it on humans? My eyes widen at the realisation. That's why I'm in this room. Not just another store room.

As I'm lost in my rambling thoughts a gas starts pouring through a little mesh grate in the door. My head starts to feel fuzzy and soon the room is spinning.


Bright lights. People muttering. These are all things that register in my head but make no sense what so ever.


A cold swab wiping the crook of my elbow awakens me. I'm less groggy now. More able to comprehend what's happening. Now it's dark though.

"She's waking up." A female voice states.

"Good. We need to be able to gage the reaction on her body. It's easier if she's awake." A deep, middle aged male voice responds.

I try to open my eyes, only to find that their blind folded, by what seems to be a part of my own shirt. I struggle to get up, but there are lots of arms pressing me down.

"Now stay quiet. There's a good girl." The deep voiced man says to me.

I try to shout to get him to stop but there's a gag in my mouth also made of my own t-shirt. The faeces and blood just starting to drip into the back of my throat, mixing with my saliva.

I feel a cold pin prick tapping my arm and there's nothing left that I can do to stop them but try push my tongue forward and bite. Bite hard.

The pain in my tongue does nothing to stop the searing pain raging through my body from the injection. My body writhes in pain.

As the blood fills my mouth I start to choke.

When numbness starts to take hold I reflect on my ultimate demise.

What a terrible way to go. No family. No friends, and in writhing, agonising, torturous pain. This is what it must be like to be one of the lucky test animals. Dying a quick death.

Goodbye World.

The End