There are strings

Attached to

My limbs,

My neck,

My mouth.

She clutches them

In her hands,

Makes me dance,

Makes me her puppet.

I try to break free,

To run,

To escape,

But I stay

In her possession.

I stop fighting

And I stop moving.

She tries to

Make me speak,

To dance,

To write.

But how can I do it?

She shrieks but

My ears won't hear.

The silence is

Crowding up

My mind.

I have no power to

Move the pen,

So I am not able

To write.

I have no power to

Use my voice,

So I am not able

To repeat

Her lies.

She calls me

An idiot,

Yells that

She hates me and

Throws my frame

To the floor.

I blink.

I breathe.

Now I am me.