Chapter 3


I took Ash to my favorite place.

When I first came to Carlsbad California, I went exploring in the small town. As I walked along the beach, the water reached out and kissed my feet, and the wind blew the hair from my eyes and filled my senses with the cool sandy smells.

I looked up and saw a beautiful cliff cascading over the bright blue sea. The sun shimmered in the reflective gaze of the water, and as I looked up at the lush green moss climbing the rocky edges of the cliff, I knew that this place would be my special haven, and no one could take it away from me.

Now as I realized the full extent of what I had just done, my eyes filled with warm tears, and my vision became foggy. I had just given away my only refuge in this crazy town.

His laugh of joy was only the nail in my coffin. The hot tears trailed down my flushed face, tasting bitter and salty as I tasted them at the edges of my lips. It was dark as my nightmares, so Ash didn't notice my distressed expression.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and tried to laugh along with him.


It was glorious.

But not nearly as glorious as Kristy. The fading reminisce of sunlight glittered on her face, giving her the heavenly appearance of an angel. As she stared ahead at the sun setting on the blue ocean, I appreciated the beauty in every aspect of her.

It was love. I had this feeling with such a sudden realization; I almost said it out loud. How could I love so quickly? I just knew she was the one for me.

I sucked in a breath, hoping for the best, and I slowly draped my arm over her shoulders.

It seemed as if she snapped back into reality and politely took my hand and lead it back to its position by my side.

I was heart-broken and angry. How could she deny her feelings? They were there, I knew they were. I turned with frustration and, slamming my shoulder into hers, I stalked away. I didn't look back. I didn't care what happened to her.


I fell to the ground with an umf and let out a muffled cry as my arm sliced the jagged edge of a rock. The white sand around me was soon stained red and I nursed my injured arm.

What the heck is wrong with him? I though with a frown on my face. It's like he's bipolar. I just showed him the only secret I had in my life, and he just walked away angrily like I had done something wrong!

I slowly made my way to my car, and drove home, wincing every time I had to turn or do anything to move my injured arm.

I closed my front door behind me with a satisfying *click* and looked at the bright green numbers on our clock. They read 12:30 which surprised me. I had thought that I would be out much later than that.

I walked into the dim hallway and opened the creaky closet doors, looking for something I could use to stop the crimson liquid to stop pouring from my arm. I grabbed an old white cloth and wrapped it around my wound.

My footsteps echoed softly as I walked into my mother's bedroom to see if she was there. Normally she isn't but I keep hoping that one day she'll make an effort to car for me like a mother should.

I peaking into the small, cramped room, seeing that my wishes were not to be granted tonight. Groaning, I got undressed and crawled into the warm security of my bed and hoped that this time my dreams would be sweeter.


I decided that it really wasn't Kristy's fault last night. She didn't know that I would be upset that she didn't want to be more than friends. I had made up my mind to tell her everything was cool between us at school, but I couldn't pick up the bright face I had grown to recognize, anywhere in the crowd.

My day passed in a miserable blur. All I could think about was Kristy and how I hoped she was okay. All the possible things that could happen to her if I wasn't there rushed through my mind like a tidal wave.

What if she was kidnapped? What if she just moved away without telling me? What if she's just avoiding me?

The worst part was not knowing.

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