Chapter 4


I am such an idiot.

4 weeks in a new school and all ready I had met a dude who obviously has issues, established enemies with the most trendy and popular girls in school, and thanks to both of them, I have no friends.

After 2 days of healing, I woke up to the shrill beep of my alarm, and I looked down to see an irritated red slice down my arm. I sighed. It was not as noticeable as before, but I was sure to be questioned by- at the very least- my teachers.

I wore a rusty pink long sleeved shirt that said Imma Pretty Princess in dark gothic scrawl. I grinned at my thin reflection in the mirror. This shirt always put me in a good mood. I slung my navy blue bag over my shoulder and prepared for the halls of high school.

As I was walking, I saw Silvia spot me at the end of the hallway. Her eyes narrowed, and her lips pulled into a straight line. She stalked towards me, and when she reached my locker she straightened into a firm stance that demanded she would be listened to. I braced for the worst.

"Listen," she said in a soft and innocent voice, nothing like what I heard last night. "We didn't get off to a great start last night." She looked at me through long lashes, her bright blue eyes questioning.

"Ya. Sorry about that!" I said nervously. What was the point of this?

"I think you got the wrong impression of me. You see, I was really drunk, and I don't even remember half of what I said, only that you were with Ashton, and I called you a skunk," she said wincing.

I think that was one of the most surprising moments of my life. And I surprised myself by laughing.

"Ashton!" I exclaimed.

"I know right? Not as cool as Ash. I only call him by his full name to make him mad."

"So what's up with you two?" I questioned.

"He got really clinging. Even now he keeps asking me about what I did over the weekend, who I was with, you know, all that jazz."

"He also has an explosive temper!' I pointed out.

"Oh, thank God! I was hoping you didn't like him!" She looked so hopeful. "Do you want to start over?

"Ya! That would be awesome!" I grinned. Well, this was an upside. She grinned back and waved to me as she bounced down the hall.

"See ya at lunch!"

I smiled to myself and grabbed the rest of my books from my locker. I spun around to come face to face with a familiar person.

I groaned and walked around his tall and muscled frame. He grabbed my arm and I almost cried out as an intensified pain shot up my bad arm that he squeezed.

"Oh, don't be such a baby," He said his voice light and joking, but his eyes were dark, stormy, and serious.

"Don't touch me!" I said harshly and tried to stalk away, but he grabbed my shoulder roughly, and spun me around to face him. Catching my face with both his calloused hands, he forced my lips to his in an attempted kiss. I shoved him away and cleanly slapped him across his cheek.

Walking away I put my hand to my throbbing arm, only to come away with crimson red.


She would be mine. Even if it was the last thing I would ever do.

She would be mine.