I ran through the still winter forest, my breath running in white puffs in front of me. I didn't even know where I was going, but I had the urge to go to a single destination I knew so well. My throat burned and my legs pumped; my body numb from lack of clothes but my ripped nightgown. I felt my hair whip behind me and my feet hit every sharp rock and piece of wood, but I couldn't feel any of the pain. My eyes were watery from the sudden winds, but I knew it was because of something else also. At the same time, I didn't know. I had no idea where I was, no idea even what day it was. I didn't keep track, I just followed the beautiful melody of silence.

I closed my eyes as I passed by the same location that looked different. The sky was grey and matched the white snow. Almost everything lost its color, but everything was yet so bright. Inside me was a wonderful wonderland, but it was the darkest hell. I heard absolutely nothing, the air thick and still. I stopped, freezing and turned around, as if a puppet on a string. I felt my insides churn but I didn't move a limb.

A tall black headed figure appeared from nowhere, and it reached out a pale hand to me. My eye sight was getting heavy and I barely managed to keep them open. As soon as I shut them, I could feel my body slowly falling down, down to the white snow. It felt like the gravity was pulling on me too tight, and I opened my eyes. I watched the trees turn into the sky and I was surrounded from nothing but the black hooded figure. I looked down at my ghostly pale hands, they weren't there. I tried to move my legs, but they weren't there either. My entire body was missing, but I could feel and see everything.

I suddenly felt something hit me in the chest, it was strong but weak. I remained numb; my body still free falling into the air. If I choose when I could die, it would be right now. I felt weightless but something was pulling me down and I couldn't get up. My head fell and white snow lifted up around me. I watched it fly up and I lay there, staring at the blank sky. I felt the blood seeping out from me and my head was losing its thinking process. I could smell my body sweating even though I was in the middle of winter. I rolled my eyes into the back of my head and heard the faint sound of someone screaming, a woman yelling my name. She seemed so close, but so far away. I smiled to myself, but didn't feel my face move. Time froze and I froze along with it.

Life begins with a dream.