Dagger: by sjo165

Chapter 1


"Well, you've given birth to a healthy baby boy ma'am." the doctor said reassuringly, looking at my mother. My mother nodded with glee. There were a few moments of silence when suddenly a doctor ran past the room with a test tube dangling in his hand.

"Doctor! We've found the dog DNA we've been looking for! It can mix with a human's DNA and not kill the hu-" the doctor was shortly cut off by him tripping over a electric cord that was on the floor. He fell with an oof and watched as the test tube flew onto the air into the newborn's mouth.

Of course, my first instinct was to drink the new substance. The doctors yelled, "NO!" to try to stop me, but had no effect. I had already downed the contents.

A blue aura surrounded my body as my human ears shrank and disappeared, while hairy and small black ones sprouted on top of my head. A small tail grew near the bottom of my back. My aura dispersed, transformation complete.

The doctors eyes widened in fear. My mother screamed but swiftly covered her mouth. My ears twitched to the shrill sound. The doctors were at a lose of words.

"Well.. um... you can go home now... everything seems to be in order.." The doctor mumbled while the other one nodded slowly. My mother set me down and went into the bathroom to change. I stared at the doctors and barked like a dog. Their eyes widened once again. My mother quickly came out of the bathroom, scooped me up, paid for the hospital's services, and ran out of the hospital.

Twelve Years Later

"Mom?" I said, looking around the living room. She popped her head out of the kitchen, grinning. I could tell she was sad because it was my first day of a new school. She came out with some cupcakes. I smiled, putting my suitcase down. "Oh mom... " I said, giving her a hug. She cracked a little, a tear going down her face.

"You'll see me again, and I'll call everyday, OK?" I tried saying to comfort her. She nodded in agreement. I sighed and grabbed a cupcake, taking a small bite. My mom did the same and actually smiled, no sadness present.

"Well I'd better be going. I love you Mom." I said, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "I love you too sweetie." she replied, ruffling by black and somewhat wild hair. I chuckled and grabbed another cupcake, heading out the door. I gave her one last goodbye wave and left, shutting the door behind me.

The wind blew threw my hair as I was looking for the bus that took me to Ineka Academy, the school I was supposed to be going to. My ears perked up to the advance of noise as I bustled to the streets. I remembered and swiftly hid them from the public by putting on a hat. I pulled the flyer and looked for how I was going to get there. My tail swished a little, and I hid that too. The flyer read that to get to the school you needed to board a black and white bus.

I sat on a bus bench, trying to think. I've never really seen a black and white bus around here... I thought, looking around. Suddenly, a bus boarded in front of me. I ignored it for a second and then felt connected to it somehow. It had the same color scheme as the flyer described!

The tall and somewhat thin double doors flew open. "Ineka Academy?" The bus driver asked nicely. I nodded slowly in response. I boarded the bus and sat in a empty seat. Ineka Academy, here I come!