Chapter 4

The sound of birds tweeting filled my ears, awaking me from my long sleep. I opened my eyes wearily.

They widened, seeing Tabitha and her arms wrapped around my neck very close to my body. I blinked and backed up a little, untangling myself from her. She stirred a little, turning over. I sat up, yawning. My ears flickered, hearing more birds. I slipped away from the bed, walking to my dresser. I found some clothes to wear and walked silently into the bathroom to change.

Once I came out, Tabitha was sitting up, awake. She was rubbing her eye, saying "Mew? Oh, good morning Dagger." I blinked and sat next to her on the bed, smiling.

"Well... I'd better be going back to my dorm... Thank you for letting me sleep here Dagger... You're a very nice friend." Tabitha said, standing up. I nodded, smiling.

"You're very welcome. Bye!" I said. She got up, grabbed her teddy bear, and left my dorm.

I sighed, still not sure which one I liked more.

I walked around the campus, sniffing around everything. I smiled at the people who I passed. It was sunny again, flower petals blowing everywhere. I sighed and leaned down, walking like how a regular dog would. I also saw other people doing that, even the cat girls!

I spotted a big, grassy field which I think served as our football and soccer field. My eye twitched because I loved romping in grass like that.

"Must... resist..." I said. My whole head started to twitch. Short after, I gave in to my love and ran to the field, jumping into it. I laughed to myself and jumped around, loving the feel of the grass, rubbing against my skin. I was there for about an hour, having fun all by myself. After a while, I heard a loud meow cry from far away. My ears perked up to the sound of it. I stood up, brushing myself off from any grass. I ran towards the cry, wondering where it came from.

I ducked into a bush, watching the scene from close up. A dark figure was standing over a small neko girl. Her ears were hanging low, and she was staring back at the figure.

"Where's my money?" the figure said. He had a dark voice, with a kunai dangling from its figure's slick hands. He grabbed the neko by the throat, lifting her up in the air. She squealed, holding her throat.

"I... don't have it!" she said, meowing more, louder. He smirked, throwing her aside roughly. She whimpered in pain, coughing up blood. He walked towards her slowly. I growled and ran towards the scene, stopping and blocking the way between each other.

"That's enough!" I yelled, growling more. He smirked more, stepping out of the shadows. He was half dog like me, but much bigger. I looked back up at him, growling more. He barked loudly, sending a shockwave throughout my body and flinging me into the girl. She coughed up more blood violently. I winced at the pain. He smirked again, facing towards me and the poor girl.

"Feel my pain!" he yelled as he began to transform. His body hair began to grow thicker, and he grew even buffer. I whimpered at his now gigantic size. His transformation complete, he took another hard swing at me. I jumped out of the way, pulling the girl out of the way with me. I pulled out something swiftly and ran towards the figure, yelling. I jumped into the air, aiming for its chest. Before I hit him, a quick flashback flooded my mind.


It always protected me when I was in trouble. It ran through my family, and it gave me my name. My mom told me that it was my "destiny" name. I believed her, in every word she said to me.


The weapon slashed through the skin of the huge werewolf. I fell to the ground, standing in front of the wounded girl. He cried out in agony, falling backwards and onto the hard ground. He shrank back to normal size and whimpered, running away. I sighed in relief, turning to the girl. He was standing up a little crooked, but looked fine.

"Thank you for saving me." The neko said, smiling at me. I nodded, saying "Anytime." I slipped the my weapon into its compartment and nodded at the girl. She blushed a little, looking away. I started to walk away when she grabbed my arm.

"Wait." she said, pulling me closer to me.

"Uh... yes?" I asked, looking into her eyes. They were slight pink, and they looked... so... compelling... so... mesmerizing...

Everything started to slow down, as the girl said, "My name is Kunia... I'm always so lonely... Can you be my friend?" she said sweetly.

What's... happening to me? I can't... move my body or speak! It feels like... she's hypnotizing me! I thought, my thoughts were the only things not being controlled. I tried my best to set myself free from the girls' clutches. I blinked and frowned.

"Don't. Do. That. Again." I growled, fleeing from the scene.

As soon as I made it to my dorm, a slip of paper was waiting for me at the door.

It read:

Welcome To Ineka Academy! This is your schedule for this semester:

Ms. Inai: Homeroom

Mr. Renoka: Math

Mr. Inashi: Study Hall

Ms. Nekorami: Physical Education

Make sure to join a few clubs to keep you busy! Have a good semester!

I blinked and smiled, wondering if Caitlin and Tabitha, or even Hikura were in my classes as well. I grinned, opening my door. I instantly threw off my clothes and hopped into the shower, thinking again.

Kunai... how'd she do that? Hypnotize me? Does she have special powers, aside from being a neko?

I grabbed some pajamas and put them on. I paced, still in thought. I prepared for what I needed tomorrow for school.

I just wonder... how is that even possible?

I sighed, falling onto the bed. I was very tired, considering I was romping in the grass and fighting that big monster.

Where'd he get HIS powers, to grow so tall and strong?

I moaned, clicking the light off. It was a long day, and I dearly needed rest. Goodnight Mom. Love you.

My eyes popped open, my ears hearing the same birds as yesterday. I rose up, yawning. My neck turned swiftly to check my clock.

7:32. Classes don't start until 8... I have time. I thought, standing up and stretching. As my tail and ears went erect when I stretched, I started to walk to my dresser and pulling out some clothes.

Hmm... maybe I could wear some blue on me today... I thought again, throwing on a blue shirt. I went by the mirror and grinned, grabbing my thin suitcase.

"Mom would be proud of me." I said, then covered my mouth. I was supposed to think that! My body whirled around, wondering if anyone heard that. I shrugged, walking out. Hikura was walking the same way as me, and I smiled.

"Hi Hikura! What's your first class?" I said cheerfully. He turned to me, meowing quietly. Then he blinked and shook his head.

"I mean... uh... hello Dagger... my first class... is... Ms. Inai for homeroom?" he said, unsure and stammering.

I sighed in response, saying, "Please don't be afraid of me... and cool! We have the same homeroom together!" His eyes suddenly filled up with joy.

"Really? Now I won't be alone!" he said, smiling. I don't think I ever saw him smiling... but it was a good thing to always see. After our little talk, we grabbed our breakfast and quickly ate it. There were arrows littered across the academy, pointing to where classes should be. Hikura and I walked in together and took our seats. There was abuzz around the room, mostly because everyone was talking. I scanned the area around, and soon my eyes laid on Caitlin. She smiled and waved to me. I solemnly waved back.

My tail began to wag now, because I was so excited that the two out of three best friends were in my homeroom class! I grinned, ears flickering also. Suddenly, my happiness soon was turned off. I spotted Kunia walk right through the door. I turned the other way, pretending that I wasn't here. She saw me easily, and sat in the seat behind me. I facedesked against the table, moaning.

"Hello there. I never got your name back then..." Kunia said, leaning towards me. I blushed a little, turning to her in my chair.

"Yea. And you tried to hypnotize me!" I hissed back at her. She sighed, her tail going limp.

"I'm sorry.. I am pretty lonely though..." she replied, looking down. She sat back down in her seat, but I was still there, turned around.

"My name... is Dagger. I'm an Inu." I said, smiling. She smiled back, her tail wagging also. Soon after, the bell started to ring loudly. The P.A. clicked on and said:

"Good morning students of Ineka Academy! I hope that you found your classes well! Your teachers will be walking in shortly. Have a nice day!" It suddenly clicked off as the teacher walked in. taking in the form of the class.

"Good morning class! My name is Ms. Inai! I will be your homeroom teacher!" she exclaimed, grinning.

"Hello Ms. Inai!" we exclaimed back. She smiled nicely.

"Now, from the experience of the other students, they tell me that I'm the best teacher in this academy! In this class, we get to do things that no other class can do, such as field trips to the human world!" she explained, straightening her glasses.

"Human world?" I said, tilting my head to the side. My ears also went limp a little. I heard a sigh behind me, which I turned to in response. I blushed a little, seeing Kunai staring at me dreamily. I snapped my fingers in her face, saying, "Earth to Kunai. I repeat, Earth to Kunai."

She blinked fast and sat up, purring a little and still looking at me. I shook my head, wondering why I was so appealing to these girls. I noticed Ms. Inai's ears twitching a little, so I sensed that she was a little nervous. My tail wagged a little, listening to the news that Ms. Inai was giving to us.

"In addition, I've been hearing little rumors around campus about getting your own powers! Isn't that neat?" she said, her tail wagging as well. Hikura and I smiled at the same time, liking our teacher's enthusiasm.

"Well then," the teacher said, patting down some papers on the desk. "Let's start with attendance, shall we?" Ms. Inai started calling out some names. Every time she said a name, she looked them in the eye and smiled. This is a teacher that I could like... I thought, grinning.

After attendance, Ms. Inai started with some rules. I accidentally tuned out for a second, looking over at Caitlin. She had on a short dress along with a blue shirt, just like I did. I tugged at my collar a few times, mostly because it was hot! I started to pant a little, my tail movement slowing down.

"And the most important rule? Never go into the human world without permission, unless we are on a field trip and or have permission from the principal." Ms. Inai said, reading from a paper. She finished reading, crumpled the paper, and threw it away.

"Also, we will be having a club festival tomorrow after school, and everyone has to attend! That's when you get to choose the club that you want to be in, and maybe you'll find the mysterious Power Club!" she smiled, giggling a little. The bell rang shortly after she finished talking.

"Well, that's the end of homeroom! Have a good day!" she exclaimed, waving. I waved back, smiling at her. Caitlin instantly came over to me, saying, "Hiya Dagger!" I continued to smile, walking out of the classroom.

"Where are you going next?" she asked me, looking into my eyes. I dug into my pocket and pulled out my schedule.

"I have... Mr. Renoka next." I replied, stopping to take a drink.

"Really? So do I!" Hikura and Kunai exclaimed, along with a third voice. I whipped around and blinked, seeing Tabitha standing behind me. Kunai hissed loudly and launched at her. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Who's she? And why is she following you?" Caitlin and Tabitha yelled at the same time, looking at me. Kunai pulled herself close to me, hugging my arm.

"My name is Kunai silly!" Kunai exclaimed, winking. Caitlin facepalmed, while Tabitha grabbed my other arm and pulling me away.

"You're gonna sit next to me, OK~?" Tabitha said sweetly. I sighed and nodded, starting to walk.

"C'mon Kunai and Hikura! Or we'll be late for math!" I yelled. They shifted back into reality and ran after me.

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