Chapter 6

Everyone stared at the boy and girl, surprised.

"P-P...Power Club?! We've found it?" Caitlin stammered. The tip of her tail twitched, meaning that she was curious and excited, both at the same time.

The boy and girl bowed again, happy to see us surprised.

"You have, gladly. Let me give you the grand tour." the girl said. She grabbed my arm and led me along, just how the others were behind me. The boy was the caboose of the train.

"And by the way, the name's Hiro. My sister's name is Akari." the boy, renamed Hiro, said while he pointed to his sister who was leading us. I released my tight grip on Tabitha's arm. She looked up, her eyes sparkly.

"Merow?" she said, almost like a moan. I blinked, my ears flicking. A slight blush darkened my face. She blinked in response, then grinned, mumbling, "Hehe."

I looked towards the front, feeling a breeze touch my skin. Hikura shivered a little to the breeze, which I thought was weird.

"This is a floating island, which floats above the school. It's a secret training ground for the Power Club." Akari explained, walking over to a tree. She leaned onto it, taking a breath.

"It also has a protection shield, just in case someone attacks us. Once you get your power, you can easily return to your classes the way you want, instead of going the teleporting route." said Hiro, teleporting right next his sister. The wind current suddenly changed as he did. Our eyes widened, surprised of the change of our surroundings.

"That's one of the powers that you can access and use to your best ability!" Akari said cheerfully. She twirled around, giggling. She clapped her hands together, getting serious once again.

"After you choose your power, you will train everyday up here, in the sky. Be on time, and be careful. So, any questions?" Akari asked, looking into everyone's eyes. My eyes shimmered with joy, but utter fear in between. Caitlin was the first to shake her head no, letting her blond hair fall over her eye. The rest of our heads followed suite. Hiro and Akari nodded and smiled.

"OK then, follow us." Hiro said, beginning to walk towards a hole. He sunk into it slowly, almost like an elevator without buttons. Akari jumped in behind him. I looked at the hole, curious.

"Hmmm...?" I mumbled, tail wagging. I sniffed at it cutely. Tabitha giggled, her tail flicking with curiosity as well. I stared at it for a few seconds, then decided that it was safe. I closed my eyes and jumped inside the hole. I instantly fell onto hard ground, looking around. The walls were illuminating a blue light, as if it was just like a cave. There was a crystal table with many more glowing things sitting on top of it, in a glass case.

"Ah!" Tabitha yelled as she fell to the ground as she landed. I whirled around and walked to her, holding a hand out.

"Need a hand?" I said, grinning. She giggled and blushed a little, taking my hand and lifting herself up.


"No problem." I said, tail wagging. Caitlin and Hikura came at the same time, looking around just how I was. Hiro and Akari was standing next the table. I approached it, sniffing the glowing things.

"These are called Power Jems. These are how you get the power that you want. You may choose two for yourself." Hiro said, looking into my eyes. I nodded, trying to act serious like them. It wasn't working. I was too excited to stay serious. Everyone could tell because of my notrious tail wagging.

Anyway, the other gathered to the sides of me, scrolling along the table. There were many things to choose from, such as being a vampire. I thought that would be most boring.

"Um... what's a 'succubus?'" Tabitha asked, as the gem began to glow. My eyes widened to the word, remembering a manga that I had read before. I ran to her, shaking my hands.

"No! You don't want that!" I yelled, standing in the middle of the gem and Tabitha.

"Why not? It doesn't seem that bad... " she said, reaching for it. I slapped her arm away gently.

"No." I said sternly.

She moaned and kept looking, muttering, "Fine then..."

I kept looking at well, until I came across a blue gem. Hikura stood next to me, leaning on the table.

"What's that?" he asked, staring at it. I picked up the little nametag that indicated the power. It read: Ice.

"Ice... that doesn't seem so bad..." I said, picking it up. I heard a sudden squeal from across the room. My ears perked up, looking towards the sound. Caitlin was staring at a red jem, as it stared back. It suddenly spit fire at the girl, almost burning her.

"Ah! It did it again! I want it!" She squealed again, grabbing it.

"The fire is very dangerous... are you sure you want it?" Akari said, a studder in her voice. Caitlin nodded and smiled, handing it to her. Akari held her hands back, saying, "Wait until your friends are finished." She nodded again and went to look for another one.

"Well I want these two." Tabitha said, showing them to me. My eyes widened, my tail straight.

"You sure?" I asked. The brown and gray gems that she was holding glowed faintly, almost as if they were dead. I blinked and sniffed at them. Tabitha nodded and pulled me close. A tainted blush darkened my cheeks as she said, "I can do anything with these powers... even stalk you..." She grinned and left me, going towards the others.

I blinked, surprised and scared at the same time. A glow from behind me caught my attention, just like catching a fish. I whirled around to see a black jewel, titled: Unknown. It... was so compelling... I just had to have it. With my swish of my hand, I had it in my grasp. I grinned and scampered to the others. Everyone had finally decided and stood next to each other, hands tightened with two gems in each.

"Now that everyone had decided, they need to get into these tanks. They harness the gems and shoot them into your skin and body. Do not worry, it is harmless. Are you ready?" Hiro asked. Everyone nodded, their tails going in all different movements. Hiro nodded back and pointed into four tanks that were all ready for use. We each, one by one, moved towards them and hopped in. Hiro and Akari closed the tops of the tanks and gave us a thumbs up. I closed my eyes, ready for the adventure that was soon coming.

Beep... beep... WOOSH!

The top of the tank suddenly burst open. My eyes flashed open, and soon I began to shiver. I rose up, looking at my current surroundings.

"Where... am I..." I moaned, holding my head. I breathed slowly, in and out. Ice crystals suddenly burst out of my mouth slowly.

"Wha..." I said, confused and eyes wide. I rose up out of the tank and slowly looked at another figure. It was laying on the crystal tables, probably waiting for me. It was Hikura, and he was the first to sit up. Hiro came out from another room.

"Ah, you're awake. Your other friends are in the other room, waking up as well. How do you feel?" he asked, looking straight at me.

"I'm very cold..." I answered, hugging my body.

"I know, the elemental gems will do that to you. The other girl in there is burning up. Maybe you could cool her off?" he said, leading me into the doorway. I nodded and entered. Caitlin was sitting on a table, sweating profusely. She smiled slightly when she saw me. I came over to her and sat.

"Are you.. OK?" she asked, shifting a little. I chuckled, looking at her red eyes.

"I should be asking you that.. maybe.." I said, thinking. I looked down, starting to blush. She took notice and pulled my chin up, forcing me to look at her. I blushed even more.

"What? What are you thinking?" she asked me. I leaned in a little and gave her a kiss on the cheek, breathing softly. More ice crystals formed, creating a blue spot onto her skin. Caitlin blushed when this happened, as did I. I pulled back quickly as the blue spot slowly soaked into her skin. Suddenly. she stopped sweating less and less. Hiro stood there, watching the both of us.

"Th-thank you..." she mumbled, still blushing.

"N-no problem..." I said back, sliding off the table. Hikura came out of the other room, smiling.

"Ah! Where's Tabitha?!" I suddenly noticed, looking around. She was nowhere to be seen. I felt a peck on my shoulder, so I whirled around. To my surprise, there stood Tabitha. She giggled and grinned, saying, "Gotcha!"

"Phew..." I said, wiping the sweat from my brow. Akari came from another room, holding a pencil.

"Good, everyone's fine. Shall we go up to the top and train?" she asked everyone else. We nodded in unison and went to the platform that we dropped from earlier.

We all gathered on it, and suddenly we were transported back to the field. But now, everything was different. It had now become nighttime, and that we could see the moon in front of us. I also heard lots of howls, from down below. Akari stood in front of the girls, while Hiro stood in front of the boys.

"We're going to train in different groups, then compete against each other after." Akari explained. The brother and sister pointed to a huge figure in the distance.

"That is called the Moontower. That is where you will train. Let's go!" Hiro said, running towards it. I started to run also but I stayed in place. I tilted my head in confusion and tried again, to no use. I growled in fustration.

I cupped my hands together and yelled, "I CAN'T MOVE!" Hiro whirled his head and told the others something I couldn't hear, despite my supersensitive hearing. He ran back towards me.

"I know why. You have to ice skate, then practice walking, OK?" He told me. I sighed and tried to ice skate. It moved me only a few inches. I grinned and started to ice skate around happily.

"Weeee! OK, let's go." I said, ice skating to the Moontower. Hiro ran beside me, and kept up quite well.

"So, is this where your dorms are and stuff?" I asked, going faster.

"Yea! We still go to Ineka Academy, but then we come up here to relax." He said, catching up. The tower began to come into range.

"But I haven't seen your tail or ears, so how...?" I asked. He looked at me with a sad look on his face. I skidded to a stop, snow flicking into the air.

"They... got... cut off..." he said, tears filling his eyes. My eyes widened and ran to him, hugging him.

"Don't worry. It'll be OK, just don't worry about it." I said, comforting him. He nodded and smiled gracefully. I nodded and ran off, skating again. He followed from behind, gathering speed. He grinned and jumped up, zipping around by teleporting.

"Yeeha! Yea!" He yelled happily. I gathered speed also, my arms swishing back and forth. I blew hard, sending ice crystals in front of me to make a ice ramp. I smirked and skated onto the ramp. It shot me off, a big grin forming on my sweet face. I flew through the air, making another platform to land. To my surprise instead, I made snow pile on the ground.

I facepalmed, landing inside the soft snow. Although, the snow bursted as I hit it, sending some at Hiro. His eyes widened and teleported next to me, missing the snow entirely.

"Are you... OK?" Hiro asked, holding in a chuckle. I rose up, laughing heavily. I nodded in response. He smiled, saying, "Maybe we should get going."

"Yea, let's go!" I said, grinning. I skated off, fast and strong. He jumped up and ran after me, filled with glee.