How to Survive an Apoplectic Mating


"Isn't he beautiful?" Almond shaped eyes fluttered dreamily.

A redhead off to the side rolled her eyes so severely one would assume her eyes would disappear into the back of her head. "Jesus, Mari, lay off." Addison picked up a stray fry on her plate and munched on it while watching the Japanese girl next to her swoon like a lovesick puppy after one of the most popular bad asses of their high school. "Stop staring at him! You're coming off as a tramp!" Addison hissed and stabbed her elbow into Mari's ribs, who barely flinched. It was bad enough her friend's been harboring this obsession for over a year now.

"I'm not a tramp!" Mari narrowed her raging eyes at the Irish girl. "I'm in love!" The girl proclaimed, her hands holding her chest tight. "I demand you, upon our friendship of ten years, to respect our true love!"

"Hell no."

Another friend of the dynamic duo rolled his eyes, eyeing Mari's longtime eye candy in heavy appreciation. "Well, you do gotta admit, he's a fiiiiine catch." The more than gay friend, Gary Lee, sighed just as equally, winking his brown eyes at a nearby horrified (and dry heaving) student before turning to Mari. "Don't worry, doll. He's free."

"He's free, and he's a catch Mari's never going to hook," Addison snorted.

Mari snarled, her Asian features twisting into something demonic. "Why are you being such a bitch today?" She ignored Gary's dramatic gasp and turned to him. "Don't lie, Gary! She's been a bitch all week!"

Gary wiggled in his seat, highly uncomfortable with the two girls knowing well enough they were hyped enough to activate a barren volcano. "First of all," he gulped, hesitating. "I think Addison just told you she broke up with Preston, and all—"

"Exactly!" Addison roared. "And all I can hear you whine about is your love for Josef. And, I am not a bitch!"

Mari and Gary gave her friend a droll look.

Addison merely uplifted her head and looked away. "Shut it, Mariko."

Said girl ignored her werewolf friend and returned to stargazing the first string receiver of La Mirada High School. Mariko Douglas, adopted at birth (from her homeland of Okinawa, Japan) by a Caucasian couple from the United States, was currently engrossing her senior year of high school with Josef Zharykhin; like many other girls. Gold swede hair, blue April sky eyes, and a lean trimmed body, much like David Beckham's drool-worthy tattooed figure, swept through the skirts of many females in the high school, ranking the hardcore rebel to the topmost desired in their class. And it didn't help that his face had dimples matching on each set of cheeks: on both face and ass.

But it wasn't his looks that had caught her attention.

It was the day Josef had actually looked at her and talked to her (which was more along the lines of, 'do you have a pencil I can borrow?') did she fall heavily and desperately in love with his baritone voice.

But it was unrequited as he was the heir and son of the wolf pack residing here in Montgomery.

Of course, nobody (humans, really) knew about werewolves besides Mari and Gary, as he was one as well. Befriending Addison back in elementary, the two were inseparable. Gary had come along after two years, latching onto the high strung energetic girls with a flirtatious smile of his own, which was not directed to any of them, fyi. And when Mari's adopted mother passed away from a tragic car accident in their elementary years, they were like sisters.

And there were never secrets between sisters (and yes, Gary was included in the sisterhood as he infuriatingly demanded his right to be so).

Holding their secret as a werewolf was something Mari took seriously.

"Can you just change me or something so I can mate with him?" Mari asked.

Yep, it was bad. It was bad enough that Josef was a popular high end receiver and a hot ass to the female community. But it didn't end there. He was a werewolf and the son of an alpha, an alpha who guarded and ruled the pack currently residing here.

Jeez, Mari's life was complicated.

Addison rolled her eyes and chucked a French fry at the black-haired girl's head; the ninja warrior barely dodged it. "Enough with this conversation; holy shit, Mariko, you're like a bitch in heat!"

Gary nodded solemnly in agreement.

Mari pouted. "But I love him!"

Throwing her hands up in the air, Addison groaned heavily. "Ughhh, I'm going to ignore that! Can I sleep over tonight? Roger's friends are coming over for the weekend and I don't want my mother to leave me babysitting a whole bunch of eight-year-olds."

"Sleepover time, bitches!" Gary crowed in excitement. "Oh my god, I'm going to bring all my Seventeen magazines!"

Addison, a softball player and a tomboy at heart, grimaced at that. "If he gets to bring the girly shit, I'm going to bring all my monster truck magazine collections."

"Dammit, no! No dirt and blood! Let's bedazzle ourselves like proper ladies should!"

"Oh, and you're a proper lady?"

Gary snarled viciously like the wolf he was.

The human who was still enraptured with her crush, finally turned away from Josef. Mari looked at Addison and Gary, watching them bickering. She narrowed her eyes, brushing her well-manicured fingers through her straight black hair and nodded slowly; interrupting the feud. "I'm sure dad'll let you guys come over. He goes absolutely gaga whenever you're there." One of Gary's major talents was the continuous and endless celebrity updates going on in the world. And as Mari's father, who had done a complete 180 after her mother's death and started working as a drag queen, was obsessed with the high rich end world.

The sound of a dull bell rang, ending their lunch period.

Quickly gathering her belongings, Mari stood up and stretched, throwing a longing look to Josef before sighing and turning away and walking to her next class. "One day, Addison, one day."

"Unlikely," Addison corrected.

The three separated their ways to their own respectable classes. Mari flew to her Japanese II class and struggled through the hour of conjugating present and past terms with the root of a word, and endured the painful lectures from Nadeshiko-sensei. Despite the fact that Mari was pure Japanese and exported from the island, it didn't mean that she fully understood and enjoyed learning her root and culture. It was excruciatingly painful for the dunce to be overthrown by the anime nerds and manga otakus.

Escaping the claws of Nadeshiko-sensei, Mari quickly streaked down the opened school hallways and into her American Government class. It was the only class she looked forward to the end of the day due to the tiny fact that Josef was in her class.

Mari sat down in her assigned seat and waited there like an overexcited puppy, her steel eyes watching the classroom door with rapt attention for any sign of Josef. She sighed heavily, her almond-shaped eyes fluttering dreamily as she had done so during lunch. It didn't matter that she as almost failing the class due to her cupid's love/obsession to watch Josef every minute, every second. All that mattered was him and only him.

Class started and Josef still wasn't here. It's okay. This happened a lot.

"What is the answer, Ms. Douglas?"


Shit, she was good.

Half an hour into the class, the door opened and soon enough a familiar dental ad smile flashed blindingly over Mari.

"Your slip, Mr. Josef?"

There wasn't a pause. Josef handed the yellow slip to the Government teacher. Without waiting for a word from her, the jock sauntered over to his seat followed by his companion, stopping to catch a word with a girl before sitting before Mari. Soon enough, another one slid into the seat next to Josef and class commenced.

"Dude, what's up with your dad?" Josef's longtime friend, Bradley, whispered as he brought out a sheet of paper his Five Star binder and ballpoint pen. "I heard him screaming and roaring around three in the morning today. Hell, I bet the whole pack did!"

Josef rolled his blue eyes and leaned back in his seat. "He caught me sneaking in. You'd think he'd let up on me considering that I'm his son and heir, but nope. He was pissed." Josef leaned in to Bradley and whispered, "And he smelled Laney all over me."

Bradley's face dropped in shock. "Holy shit, he did? What did he do?"

"Beat me," Josef shrugged. "But damn, it was worth that hot piece of ass."

Bradley laughed, scratching his brown hair as he nodded in agreement. "She was in heat, too, huh? I heard from the others they had a hard time keeping away from her."

"That made her all the better," Josef grinned, his dimples flashing. Suddenly, feeling as if someone was watching or listening to them intently, the receiver turned around in his seat to see a small Asian girl with wide eyes staring at them unblinkingly, unwaveringly. He switched confused glances with Bradley before turning around awkwardly. "What the fuck, dude?"

Bradley shrugged and turned to their teacher, Mrs. Norris, who demanded everyone's attention.

Yup. Nothing but him mattered; nothing.

Mrs. Norris, a very plump elderly woman, waddled in the middle of the classroom with her hands clasped behind her back. Her strict cat-eyed glasses sat atop of her nose as she regarded her class with narrowing eyes. "Today, I will be pairing you off with a partner by random. The two of you will be assigned a president from the early 1800s. Your job is to identify the president's change in the government structure and political status. What I'm looking for is details during the president's term and his work in the government. This is a big project, not to mention a presentation!"

The class groaned at this.

"Yes, a presentation." Mrs. Norris glared at her class. "Just because you'll be graduating in less than three months does not mean I'll be lax on you! No more of this senioritis! You will work hard for that diploma!"

"Gives us a break!" A girl yelled from the back.

Mrs. Norris only cackled. "No. No, I won't! Now, I'll have the computer randomly pair you all." The pudgy woman turned and walked back to her chair, sitting on the wheezing furniture before regarding the computer with a slightly confused face. Within ten minutes, she grunted in approval and started calling out names.

"Kendall and Joanne."

"Fuck, I hope she pairs me up with Felicity," Bradley muttered, watching the blond off in the corner of the classroom yapping with her friend. "She owes me, bigtime."

"Mickey and Dean."

"What'd you do? Eat her out?" Josef laughed.

"Forrest and Wanda."

"Exactly. I need that blowjob."

"Bradley and Felicity."

Bradley whooped and high-fived his pack mate. "I'm getting that blowjob tonight!" he crowed, ignoring Felicity's open glare. "You owe me, sugar." The linebacker pointed out, eyeing her lips with a smothering look. He merely laughed when she rolled her eyes and nodded inconspicuously.

"Juan and Jennifer."

"Damn, I need to be paired off with Laney," Josef turned in his seat, looking in the back of the class to the luscious she wolf panting heavily as she was still in her heat. He winked at Laney and watched as her pink tongue peeked out and licked her lips like a porn star. The wolf in him panted just as heavily as she was and was growing excited at the prospect of unlimited sexy time due to a 'school project', which would excuse him from home for the majority of the time.

"Mariko and Josef."


His eyes slid to the Asian girl behind him, who was still staring at him creepily, and heard her say every so softly, "Fuck yeah."

Bradley's body quivered in laughter. Josef smiled awkwardly and turned around, punching Bradley in the arm and snarled quietly. "Shut the fuck up."

"Good luck," his pack mate merely said. "And don't get raped."

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