Gary was the first one to move.

The gay boy went streaking through the basketball court with the speed of a cheetah within half of a second. Josef had an immediate reaction to it and snarled viciously, sending Addison (the badass tomboy) to the ground and having Mari gaping at him with shock and awe. Gary quickly hit the ground and reluctantly came crawling back, releasing whimpers here and there.

Josef went to Gary with his teeth bared and eyes narrowed. "You dare run from your superior?"

Instead of talking, both Addison and Gary went full on beast-mode. Gary whimpered like a two-week old puppy and groveled at Josef's feet with utter submission. He lay upon his back, baring his stomach as Addison fully splayed her body upon the ground as well, pouting at her superior's irate face. "Forgive us, forgive us!" they pleaded feebly.

Josef's face darkened. "You shouldn't be asking for my forgiveness, whelps. Wait until my father hears of this." His eyes faltered for a bit as he stared at Gary's vulnerable stomach before it went streaking straight to Mari. "We're leaving."

Mari, who had been the innocent bystander (literally), blinked. "What?"

There was no further need for explanation. Addison jumped up in a flash and grabbed Mari by the waist before hauling her 5'4 friend over her shoulder. Gary swept up all three of their belongings in his arms and the two quickly followed after Josef who started walking out of the gymnasium. All three of them ignored the curious glances of the other high school students and continued on in a line towards death.

Mari kicked out her legs and yanked Addison's red hair. "Dude, what the hell! Put me down, I'm not invalid, you know!"

Addison didn't reply and continued walking.

The three walked past the foreign language section and neared the student parking lot. Lorena, who had been flirtatiously smiling at one of the Spanish teachers, did a double-take when she saw her Alpha's son and two pack members following each other with one little missy who had been claimed as her Alpha's mate. She gaped and quickly dialed on her phone.

Within less than an hour, Josef had all three terrifying teenagers (more like two fearful ones and one horny one) squished within his car. The cherry red mustang went flashing through the student's parking lot like a demon out of hell, passing red lights, and even coming close to hitting an irate grandma. When he entered the freeway, the Alpha pup switched lanes and dodged highway patrol's like a beast. He sped, slammed on the brakes, and even swerved to an empty lane perfectly until they were two hours away from their school. While Gary and Addison were sitting there with their heads bowed, Mari was shrieking like a banshee, thrown against both werewolves' bodies like an uncontrollable atom.

"Oh, god, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die!" Mari wailed. She scrabbled her small hands to try and grab either Gary or Addison for some sort of stability, but both of them immediately shrugged her off. And as she wasn't wearing her seatbelt, Mari went careening through the driver and passenger seat as Josef screeched to a halt.

Josef gave her no notice. He grabbed her by the back of her shirt and hauled her out of the car. "Get out," he snapped at the other two and watched angrily as they obliged cowardly.

Still holding Mari by the back of her shirt, Josef walked towards a beautiful country-side home with a plenty twenty acres of land all around as he held her like an unruly pup. And like a hissing kitten, Mari was spitting, swinging her legs to get a kick at Josef despite how much she worshipped him. She will not tolerate being treated like an animal!

"Let me go asshole!" Mari snarled, swinging her arms around. It only succeeded in turning her body around.

Josef shook her a bit. "Shush. Don't think you're not in this, Mari. You've known about werewolves for a great part of your life. The consequences you three will face will not be smooth."

Addison moaned. "We're gonna die! We're at the pack's meeting location!"

Gary shivered. "I can't! I haven't had sex yet! I don't even know how a cock feels up my—"

"Shut up!" Josef snarled, his cheeks turning red from listening to Gary's confession. "Jesus Christ, what the fuck," he cursed, striding up to the double door entrance. Not even bothering to knock, Josef pushed both doors open and headed through the interior.

Mari, who stopped fighting, turned this way and that, blinking her eyes as she watched the walls past by. She caught many pictures of different faces gleaming at her, and even ironically paintings of running wolves were hung upon the white, white wall. There was one particular one that stood out to her. Hanging over the mantle of a chimney was a huge panting of a human man with his bowels splayed on the ground, glistening in the moonlight as a pack of wolves emerged from the dark trees with menacing eyes stared straight into her soul.

That was when she realized something.

Addison was probably right. They weren't going to get out of this alive.

That was when Mari started screaming with all her might. Her small white converses went kicking out violently, catching Josef in the stomach. The boy groaned, bending over but never relinquishing his hold on Mari.

"Let me go! Let me go!" she squealed, backhanding Josef in the face unintentionally. At that, she was released and her face smashed into the ivory tiles. At the smell of copper, Mari went ballistic. With the whites of her eyes going crazy, Mari pushed herself off the floor and went flying through the house without even thinking of the previous route they had taken for her freedom. With blood coming from her nose, Mari went barreling through another door, shoving it open only to come to a standstill halt.

She had interrupted a pretty important meeting.

In the spacious room, there was a rosewood table, running along the length of the room, and in the plush seats were figures that looked just as threatening and as vicious as the next person they sat next to. There was an elder man in his late sixties at the end of the table, sitting besides Josef's dad with a stern face expression. He swirled his office seat towards the small Asian girl who had interrupted the meeting with narrowed eyes. He stroked his peppered goatee, those brown eyes of his studying ever single aspect. "Is this her, Sevastyan?"

Instead of answering, Sevastyan was already stalking towards her with a dark expression. "What happened to your face?" he all but roared.

Mari squealed, turned heel and attempted to run, but ran into Josef's broad chest. Again, she tried to dart away, but Josef tutted his tongue and snatched her by the neck. Immediately, Mari cringed and froze like any typical house cat. "I'll teach you to run away from me—"

"Josef!" a loud yell reverberated through the building, shaking the windows as if there were strong winds outside. With that, the rumble in the room started growing like a crescendo, displaying the displeasure of the pack members view upon their alpha's short fused reaction.

Sevastyan strode over to his son, intending to beat his son into submission when Darya jumped from her seat. In her sexy business suit, Darya swept into action by walking rapidly towards her dysfunctional family. "Sevastyan, not here," she demanded, placing a hand at his chest, feeling his heart beating rapidly beneath her palm.

His nostrils flared. "Darya, do not even—"

"I am still Alpha female in this pack. Until the girl has gone through the necessary rituals and blood promising to replace me as your mate, I still have the rights within the pack to dictate what I want, and I have the responsibility to control you when you're not in your right mind, Sevastyan." Darya snapped angrily, baring her teeth and challenging her alpha when he his eyes did not leave Josef's wavering ones.

With a huff, Sevastyan slowly stepped back, glaring at his son who glared back at him equally.

With that, Darya turned to Josef. She pulled back her hand, powered it with a secret electric charge only every mother had the knowledge of and slapped the back of it with the power of a thousand werewolf men. Josef stumbled forward and nearly fell if it hadn't been for Mari he wrapped his arms around. "Mom!" he protested, rubbing the back of his head and turned to his mother.

His words cut off when her red painted fingernail pointed close to his face. "Don't start with me, Josef," she said as deadly as her accent was. "You know you broke the bounds of law when you brought Mariko into the pack's house."

Josef sputtered. "But, but—"

"No, buts Josef!" Darya crossed her arms over her chest, emphasizing her well-rounded bust. "Despite you being of Alpha blood, you have your responsibilities of caring for the pack as well. That means all humans are off-limits!"


"Including your father's mate!"

"But she's been exposed to our pack!"

There was a sudden hush in the room.

"What are you talking about?" the peppered goatee man asked in Russian. "What is your son saying, Darya?"

Another woman in the room frowned. "Are you saying that she knows about…us?" she emphasized lastly.

Josef nodded. Finally placing Mari upon her feet, he shifted off to the side and allowed the pack to take in the picture of Addison and Gary clutching at each other for dear life.

"Oh, god, no." Darya's mouth fell open. Her blue eyes widened.

Mari, who had been a spectator for the while, watched as everyone in the room glared venomously at Gary and Addison who started shivering and whimpering like a pair of white rabbits in the midst of wolves—literally. "Leave them alone!" she defended, squirming out of Josef's iron-like hold and threw herself in front of her friends. Ignoring the burning sensation of her neck, Mari glared at everyone in the room. "They didn't do anything! They didn't tell me! I found out!"

"Why are you lying?" Sevastyan growled. "I refuse to have a mate who lies to me!"

"I don't know what the hell you're saying, old man, but stay away from me and my friends!" Mari glared, tilting her head higher when her short stature of 5'4 was significantly overwhelmed by his 6'7 frame. Without even noticing, her voice warbled and her knees started trembling from fright.

"Sevastyan, you're scaring the poor girl!" Darya said, pushing against his shoulder. She turned towards the room. "Everyone is dismissed with the exclusion of the elders. Be sure that this private matter is kept quiet. If I hear a whisper of it in the wind, everyone who talks and talked shall face an unforgiving punishment as going against Alpha female. Now leave."

Quickly, the people inside stood and left rapidly, leaving an uncomfortable silence in the room.

"Now," Darya turned towards the three frightened teenagers. "Where were we?"

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