Yo I am a,15, author who primarily write Sakura-Naruto fics. Decided to try my hand at...normal? writings Whatever.

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Witch Hunt (English Cover)【JubyPhonic P】魔女

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Some advice:

Love is not what you expect once you fall into it, don't run from things because they are new, ease into it and maybe it's what you've been looking for.


It's unfathomable that when one gives everything they have to one person, to at the same time feel nothing. Or at least that's an original thought. It's likely that instead of a thought it's just a want or unrealistic need we as humans need to believe to deem ourselves as human. We need to believe that because we have hearts we can feel with them...those emotions created to fill our shells, and that with every pulse that thumps through our bodies we have that love, hatred, sadness, frustrations...every little thing that makes us beings alive.

Then why in my short fifteen years of life do I feel like this, is it just my teenage hormonal imbalance or is it true? Is it true that with everything I give there is nothing to back it up with? I ponder these kinds of questions with natural ease, and I believe it spreads unease and fear through me. And then after those 'feelings' pass through me I think that maybe I forced those emotions to spill forth from those binds that tie them down deep inside, somewhere lost to me.

I hear occurrences like these are what people call depression, or some other 'disease' created to keep the balance to make everyone seem normal enough. I'm not questioning society with this statement though, I honestly don't have the slightest interest in such matters, so what makes me question these types of things. I can only ask questions and I do not expect answers because I am only asking myself.

Everyday I ask myself, "Should I ask her or him if they have ever felt the same?" or " What can I do to make myself express myself as they do?" My heart is what unbalanced I suppose because even though it is just an organ that sustains life, connected to every inch of my internal entity, there is another which presides there a more metaphorical one perhaps? I already knew that emotions didn't pertain exactly to my physical heart but it still puts me at odds with my current self.

Exactly who am I?

What am I supposed feel?

Am I supposed to feel anything?

I honestly have no clue and hope that no one else feels this way because truthfully...it makes one realize their own humanity or...the monstrous self that has always been apart of you.