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I don't understand. She sits there with repressed tears and I can tell it's about her boyfriend. Why? It's high school. Relationships are bound to only last for short amounts of time before either the boy cheats on the girl or they break up, it's nothing surprising. Either that or it's the type where it is based on nothing but sexual desire, you know the one where they make themselves believe they're doing it for love but it's just for pleasure. I don't know which one she was in but apparently she is what is called 'heartbroken'. I've been in the relationship for pleasure, so I can most certainly say it is not that one...unless it is. I'm not going to ask though, it's none of my business.

By the end of class she is smiling again anyway so it can't be that bad, can it? Maybe I should study relationships so I can have a better understanding. I know from personal experience that I only want pleasure,because I'm not going to lie it feels good, and I'm not the type to fall in love I tried but apparently it's something that just happens...I don't understand that either. Google doesn't do much for me, trust me I've tried multiple search engines.

There are so many types of love that I don't know which one is the most important, is it the unconditional and at-first-sight? Or is it to get to know one another and fall in love with what you know? Is it just that warm feeling inside when you're with that person? Or is it the cold relief they bring to one's life, that lets them relax? There are too many that I've decided not to bother and stick to the easiest one as I've said before.

"Melony, please stop spacing out in my class, go to the board and solve that problem." I give my short,chubby acts like we're kinder-gardeners' teacher a blank stare and say, "What?" she repeats, and so do I knowing she'll give up if I keep saying what and explain the whole thing herself.

And she does.

"Go ask another classmate how to do this." she says as if that'll teach me a lesson. I look at her blankly once again until she looks away, which honestly only took two seconds...dumb ass. I know I'm being a bitch to her but what do you expect? Be happy that I'm stuck in a class that I have no plans to use in the future? They should really get a system that'll benefit a student's personal interests and help them become like..I don't know masters in their field of practice, you know? Just give us a personality and IQ test and maybe that'll help them figure us 'stupid adolescent freaks' out. Or at least that's what I heard a teacher call us anyway.

"Melony, you're so stupid." The girl next to me laughs, and I smile at her while at the same time try to remember her name. Monday's are what I call "Remember-the-people-you-won't-see-in-the-future-day!"

"Yup, of course I am, I'm not in here because I understand this you know?" I tell her politely and she doesn't answer, her face uncomfortable. What the hell did I say? People are so annoying.



"..I said you looked sad so I thought I'd join you." Silence.

" Just so you know I'm not sad." "Oh...well you looked it." ...I see. "I'm sorry to disappoint you then" he shifts a bit and I fight the urge to roll my eyes, it was his choice to sit here.

And the strange boy in my 6th period class leaves in a hurried state as the bell rings.


"Shit!" I hit the front door in frustration as I have been locked out again. With a sigh I walk in the hot burning sun and make my journey down the street to my sister's home, the street empty of the other teens who also just got off of the bus.

Going inside she greets me with a smile asking me, "Were you locked out again?" and I nod my head with a sigh making myself comfortable on the couch enjoying her cool air.

She sits down to watch TV, and I pull my phone out of my backpack content with letting ourselves be emerged in the world of technology.

But then my phone rings and its my father on the other line. My sister sighs in annoyance knowing he was going to be pissed for no good reason.

"Where the hell are you? God dammit Melony you better not have walked anywhere!" I listen to ramble and wait for a pause before I interrupt him.

"I'm at my sister's house...go ahead and retrieve me if you want..." my voice is gruff and filled with aggravation.

"Fine you bitch I don't want you here anyway!" she says grinning at me settling down the head ache that developed talking to our father.

"Good because I didn't want to stay." I tease her with a serious face and look down at my phone ignoring whatever else she says because it would probably lead to her throwing a pillo-


"Don't you ignore me!" I glare at her and throw the pillow back and continue to ignore her, but feeling just a bit lighter inside.

Like for once I'm not just awkward.


I lay in a cool darkness, on a stained mattress in a small room cluttered with things unshelved. My thoughts are blank as if I were just a source of heat with no function, the freezing air mellowing out my usual waves of anger and annoyance.


"WHAT THE HELL IRIS?! WHAT DID I DO?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! IRIS!" my mind is still blank except for the occasional thought of maybe I smoked some mary jane, but remember that the closest thing I've had to drugs is cough medicine.



"WHATEVER YOU DON'T CARE! I'M GOING TO TAKE A BUNCH OF PILLS AND DIE AND YOU WOULDN'T CARE!" her voice is sluggish and full of hisses and pauses, the liquor taking its toll.


...Today was boring...

And umm that's it for this chapter, sorry if your following this story and it took so long only to get so little. I was kind of basing this whole chapter on Relationships if you couldn't tell.

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