It was a peach color, the room

I did no notice anything but the ugly color that detailed it

What I truly saw was a form move quickly around the room; he stopped on the upper corner of the room, just opposite me

He was a shadowy human figure with a round plain white mask on, with only a hole where his right eye should be

I saw him appear and disappear

At first he only traveled on the ceiling and upper wall

Even when I couldn't see him, and he disappeared, I still followed his every move with my eyes

He seemed to notice this and started chanting

He climbed down the wall and placed his body in front of the wall and placed his body in front of the open door, he then appeared still chanting

"You can see me! Only me!" over and over again

Slowly, he began to disappear from my left to right. He was still chanting

The last thing I saw was his face disappearing, only his left arm stretched out towards me

Even with his face now gone, he still chanted

I was not sure if I should take his hand, but I did not

It was not until his hand completely disappeared that I heard the last of his chanting

"You can see me! Only me!"

I woke up right after that, not startled, but with my eyes wide open, looking up ever so slightly thinking that maybe, just maybe…

I could still see him