I understand that
it's too late to
apologize for
everything I've ever
done wrong but
I feel like
heaven's real and
I want to be there
with my sweet boy so
I'm trying to
apologize for
everything wrong
I've ever done.
I'm sorry for
lying when I said
I was okay,
for crying when I said
I was happy,
for saying I hated you when
I couldn't love you more.

Lizzy I'm sorry for dying and
leaving you and
coming back
again and again,
for scaring you,
and hurting you,
and breaking your
precious heart.
I'm sorry.
So sorry.

Jess I'm sorry for hurting you and
using you until you left,
for leaning on you when
you were barely standing
on your own.
I'm sorry for not being there
when you needed a hand,
for getting angry and
asking you to
I am so sorry.

David I'm sorry for breaking myself,
for depending on you when
I have two legs,
I just have to try,
I'm sorry for hurting you,
for hating you when
you needed love,
for lying about wanting you
I am so sincerely sorry.

Ellie I'm sorry for letting you
leave me even though
I knew you needed
a friend,
someone you could depend
for putting too many of
my problems on
your plate,
for treating you like
you were strong enough
for both of our weight.
I am so fucking sorry.