Every Romance Ever.

Victoria turned toward Markus and met his brilliant green eyes through the curtain of her own blonde hair. Her lips parted slightly as if in silent recognition of some hidden fact she hadn't realized until just that moment.

Markus's eyes lit with a similar form of realization. His perfectly composed face was detailed with slight stubble, of which framed his chiseled chin and pronounced jaw-line, that was now clenched with uncertainty. He took a timid step forward, his shoulders pulled back with strength and confidence despite his rational fears.

Like one approaching an elusive bird he came at her slowly in the silence of the room.

Markus extended his hand and reached up as if to caress her thin and elegant face, yet he paused. Their eyes met and the glance was held for what seemed forever. The world around the pair seemed to melt away, leaving behind nothing but two sets of eyes, gazing into one another in awe and fear.

It was at this moment, the equally attractive Doctor Thaddeus Xavier burst through the doors of Victoria's office. Still dressed in his white doctor's coat, his blue mask around his stout neck, he had seemingly run there from work. His chest heaved under his button-up shirt.

"Victoria…." Thaddeus muttered desperately through near hyperventilation (though he is fit, he had to run several blocks at almost inhuman speeds in order to reach his Victoria in time).

"I love you."

Victoria turns with new realization. The athletic and shallow hearted Markus held a love only skin deep, yet the intelligent and some-how equally as attractive (though the movie/book will have you believe he's not) Thaddeus's love for her was so much more.

She runs to him (leaving Markus to fall into the backdrop) and with open arms he accepts her and the two embrace and share their first kiss.

Cut to news feed: "An extremely attractive athletic man has seemingly ceased to exist, more on this story and others at 11."