an eclipse of yesterday


you are dead to me

and yet,

i still sing to you


when i forget

the fact

that you

and i

equate into

nothing more

but just a

mere illusion

of what we

used to be

even though you

are still the song

that lingers

in my ears

while the lyrics

slide down

my throat

like the cold fingers

that graze on

my skin,

a touch,

just a touch

of your lips

make the stars


in the darkness,

foretelling our

own demise

and roses blossom

on my spine

as your hands

caress my back

and my mouth


k-ki-kiss me

and my heart,

it b-be-beats

on and on

and on

but then,

when i open

my eyes,

you're already gone,

gone like an eclipse

of yesterday,

a rerun of forgotten

goodbyes that are

fragmented with lies

and even if you're far away,

you're still the reason why

i feel like screaming

at the top of my lungs


"do you still remember my name

when you look at the sky

or did you just forget

that i used to smile when i cry?"