one step closer


resembling a mistress of the sunless sky,

i waited for dusk to tip-toe inside my veins

and intoxicate them with venom

as your ghost kissed my forehead,

leaving an embroidery

of disturbed dreams

upon my skin by just

a thoughtless touch

and paralyzing my heart

in a death grip with your

frostbitten fingers

as i fade away

to destruction (one step

closer to my own


and you still the beating

inside my ribs, crucifying

the prayers it was screaming

and you push and i pull

and i shout and you sing

a never-ending hymn

of frailty and death

and how they hold hands and bleed

and bleed and bleed into

an imperfect love song

and i sing, you shout

and you pull and i push

everything away

and run run run

towards the darkness,

barefoot and naked

as a vodka of tears

dance with the shadows

concealing my face

bringing me one step closer you