I am in the pursuit

of freedom.

I seek to break the

bonds that shackle me.

To create from fear,


To run and avoid pursuit.

Freedom from anger and


To create an island

from the swirling void;

free from the archipelago.

To free myself from


and allow a life to happen.

I am in the pursuit of

freedom so that I may

know what it is to

live a life lived only in

the present:

no apprehension of the future,

and no regret of the past.

To experience pain and sorrow

with the same

deference shown

love and mercy.

I pursue a warrior's life

and a poet's end.

I seek a day to day

that unifies the world

in one voice, one land,

one destiny.

To create knowledge from


from pain, understanding.

From hatred,


I pursue freedom so that

I may build a life

not in fear of death,

but hungry for the

next great mystery.

I fight, I run, I love,

I hate, I jump, I talk;

All in the pursuit of

something intangible.

A test I won't pass until

life forsakes my living body.

I want you

to join me.