Lucia sat on the hard bed, looking at her surroundings. She was in a dull grey room. How she hated this place. Staring at the grey door with a small grille window, Lucia wondered why the people who kept her here did not let her out. She wondered what the outside world was like. She decided to escape. Spotting an old nail at a corner of the room, Lucia picked it up. Looking around, she saw a chair. The backrest of the chair was perfectly suited for her to scratch notes on. Smirking, she got to work, scratching her plans on the chair.

According to plan, Lucia was waiting by the door the next time it opened. Acting quickly, she lunged out at the unsuspecting man holding her food. She embedded the nail that she was clutching into his eye. Blood splattered all over, causing tiny puddles of blood to form on the floor. The plate of food he was holding clattered to the ground as he put his hands up to his eye, trying to pull the nail out.

"Please don't kill me, please…" the poor man whimpered, groaning in pain. Ignoring him, Lucia pulled the gun out of his belt.

"Please… Why are you doing this to me?"

"I wouldn't be telling you anytime soon, will I?" Lucia said coldly, no sympathy in her voice.

Lucia smiled. This man's fate lay in her hands. It was up to her to decide whether this man squirming on the floor would live. Lucia pulled the trigger, releasing the bullet that will end his life. After letting out one last groan, his hands dropped to the ground, revealing the gruesome wound Lucia inflicted on him. She grabbed the ring of keys sticking out of his pocket before stepping over the dead body, and made her way down the corridor.

Lucia's footsteps echoed off the walls as she wandered around, trying to find a way out. She had an evil grin plastered on her face. That part of the plan was easy. Now, all she had to do was find the entrance of this building. Lucia turned the next corner. Strange. Why was there not a soul in sight? Something seemed to be amiss. She turned the next corner. Looking around, she had the vague feeling that her surroundings seemed familiar.

No it can't be, she thought shaking her head. I have never been here before. Walking faster, she turned the next corner. This corridor looked familiar too. Afraid, Lucia started to run. She ran blindly, heart thumping wildly against her ribcage. Everything started spinning around her. Lucia heard someone scream. It sounded just like her. The blur outline of a door appeared in front of her. This one was crimson red unlike the others, which were grey. Stumbling towards it, she wrenched open the unusual door.

The moment she stepped through the door, everything stopped spinning. Hearing a loud slam, she turned around. The door had closed. Walking towards it, Lucia tried to open it. It was locked. She started to panic. She tugged at the doorknob, trying to force it open. It would not budge. Giving up, Lucia slumped against the door, exhausted from all that running. Looking around, she realised she was in a white room. There was something in front of her. It looked just like a well, but it was white. Curious, Lucia walked over to it, peering in. At first, she saw nothing. Then, from the depths of the well, came a sound. The sound of someone laughing. Intrigued, she lent further in. Then, she saw the silhouette of two people, one standing and one crouching on the ground. The person standing was pointing something at the person on the ground. A gun. Just as the person holding the gun pulled the trigger, Lucia felt something push her. Losing her balance, she fell into the deep dark well. She screamed.

It was the last sound ever made by her.