Lest I Forget

Only half alive,
Breathing the oxygen from
Still decaying corpses,
I turn another page.
The calendars are twisted
Into the noose around my neck -
Dates forced down my throat,
Lest I forget.

Only half alive,
Forging a passport from
Another barren land,
I battle with my tongue.
The inflection of my stranger's voice
Wears down my teeth –
Accents bleeding in my ears,
Lest I forget.

Only half alive,
Unravelling the neurons from
My electrified brain,
I think instead of feel.
The chemicals are burning
Acid through my memories –
Formulas branded into my skin,
Lest I forget.

Only half alive,
Loving the shadows from
Non-existent lives,
I deconstruct the alphabet.
The lyrical lines are seeping
Into my skin –
Scratching their nails as they go,
Lest I forget.

These are all the things I breathe,
And they are taking my breath away.