An unlikely turn of events.


'So what do you want to be Connor?' Mr Cervi said for what must have been the thousandth time this year. It was his favourite game you so to past time while we were meant to be learning statistics. That and what do your parents do or what subjects are you taking.

'I want to work in aerodynamics' Connor replied not hesitating, unlike me he wasn't scared of Cervi but he wouldn't be he's had him for the past 5 years and has accept the fact that he's mentally insane. You see Cervi was one of my maths teachers at Campion Academy and was totally nuts. You're probably saying why is he still teaching if he chucks students pencil cases out of windows if they don't do their homework? Answer; because it's a catholic school and OFSTED didn't matter they protected their own. It was quite a shock joining the sixth form from a laid back all girls' school, you see Campion is an all boy's school that accepts 30 girls from outside for their sixth form every year. It's an amazing school, the best in the borough but it's certainly not everyone's cup of tea you could say, I loved it though.

'As in like cars?' Cervi said, as I snapped back to the previous conversation .

'Yes sir' Connor said 'I enjoy racing as well.' Cervi nodded deciding not to push it any further and moved onto his next victim.

'Annabel!' My head snapped up. 'What about you?'

'I want to go into biomedical science's' I replied begging for him to pick on someone else.

'Why?' He said.

No one had ever asked me why; I knew the answer automatically but wasn't going to say it of course. Why does anyone want to go into research science? I wanted to save lives, save the hurt from all the families that didn't deserve that pain.

'Well?' Cervi said getting inpatient.

'It interest's me' I replied smiling a little.

'You'll have to work alot harder if you want to get there Carter' He said dismissively and I sighed in relief that my torture was over.

Its strange now, thinking back to that average day in class, so much had changed and this was just the beginning.