Chapter 2

Taking my old school bus route was all a bit surreal. As we passed all the buildings I was surprised to see many of them were new, making me feel old.

'Hey Connor' I said snapping him out of his little sing along.

'What babe?' He said slightly turning to me.

'You see this road' I said indicating to the one he was about to drive down 'I always said I was going to live here when I was older actually in that house' I said pointing over to his side of the road.

Every morning and afternoon on my bus journey to and from school I would gaze out of the window as we went down Parkston Avenue telling myself if I worked hard enough in my exams and got a good job it would be my reward to live in my dream house.

I smiled to myself as I stared at the house I had always wanted it was huge, as every girls dream house should be. It had gates and drive around driveway that I always imagined at parties would be like a round drop off. At Christmas it had this huge Christmas tree you could see through the window that looked like a toy room and you would see round the fencing the spacious ground that you just knew would have a swimming pool!

'Interesting' Connor said with a glint to his eye 'so; has Jodie text you?'

'Ermm' I blinked at the sudden change of conversation 'no' I said looking at my phone not seeing any messages.

'Here we are' Connor said pulling up the long winding driveway which would put a sense of depression in me every morning knowing that another day of hell awaited me. He parked the car outside the reception and pulled out the keys.

'Are you ready?' He said looking at me. It was a bit of a surreal moment going back to school in your own clothes as an adult with your fiancé who also used to go there.

'As ready as I'll ever be' I said climbing out of the car, grabbing Connor's hand and heading the reception before I had a chance to question myself.

'Hello' I said to the receptionist who looking frazzled with incoming phone calls under a pile of work. Her head snapped up at my comment and looked at me quizzically.

'May I help you?' She questioned.

'I'm Annabel Carter, I talked to Mr Williams about coming back to help chose some models for my fashion line' I said smiling when she seemed to remember my reason for coming.

'Of course, forgive me, I will get a duty student to escort you to Mr Williams office, Miss Carter and friend, oh and would you mind signing in for me?' She passed me a book which made me smile remembering having to do this many times at my time here, taking a visitors badge. Me and Connor followed the duty student down the corridor which hadn't changed in the least to the same office I had my prefect interview in.

'Thanks' I said to the year seven as he bid me goodbye as we knocked and waited patiently. The door swung open a few seconds later facing a much aged headmaster.

'Annabel, lovely to see you!' Keith Williams, my own headmaster greeted me like an old friend, much to my shock 'Thank-you, for choosing Campion for your campaign, it means so much to us especially being an old pupil of the school' I smiled and thanked him for his words.

'And you bought Connor with you!' Mr Williams said in shock 'I didn't realise you two were still friends, amazing to see that friendships carry on.'

'We're actually engaged Sir' Connor said proudly making me blush and smile 'It's lovely to be back though I thought I would tag along if you don't mind.'

'Of course not! You're an inspiration to our future Campion generations. I was actually wondering as you two are on time and assembly is just starting whether you would like to sit in on it and maybe make a quick speech.' He said hopefully.

'Sure' I said following him out of his office into the main hall. So many memories. I took my place on the stage next to Keith and the head boy of the time who looked at Connor in awe. It always made me laugh when I was out with Connor, he never realised his fame and I guess neither did I but he really was the Lewis Hamilton of his time. Everyone loved him.

The students started pouring in as the bell rang, whispers and shouts began to fill the hall as they took in me and Connor and then losing interest started talking about their weekend.

'I think the last time we were on this stage you were doing Gangnam Style' Connor whispered in my ear making me face contort into shock remembering the disco's we did. I turned to glare at him as the hall fell silent and assembly started.

'In the name of the father...' It was like every other Campion assembly and I found myself falling back into old routines.

'Today we have a very special guest, well two special guest's Miss Annabel Carter and Mr Connor Crickmore. Annabel is here to find the new model's for her fashion line which was explained to you last week when you filled out the forms so today during your free periods, lunches, breaks and after school she will be in the new study block for you to go have a little interview, your picture taken and get details. We are very lucky to have a megastar in our presence with Connor, he has accompanied Annabel here today and I'm sure will be willing to talk to any of you, he will be with Annabel in the study block. The real reason why it is so amazing to have both of these people with us today though is because they are both past pupils of Campion, they've been here and lived through and found the light at the end of the tunnel. Have a good day.' He said stepping off the stage and indicating for us to follow which we did watching the eye's following us the whole way.

We exited the hall and made our way to the study block making small talk about how the school had changed. As we entered the study block I was amazed at how it was transformed, they had gone all out to make it a fashion show. There were rails of clothes everywhere, with expensive looking camera's and my little crew in the corner having tea.

'Well I shall leave you too it' Keith said 'please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything.' He said leaving.

'Well' I said looking around 'they certainly didn't take it lightly.'

Connor nodded, shrugging making himself at home behind the desk for me and Jodie which made me laugh, where was that girl anyway!

I sat next to him as I heard the sound of assembly letting out.

'Ready?' I said laughing. He put his hand in mine with a reassuring squeeze.

'Well, I never thought I would ever see you two ever again?' a voice boomed walking through the door. Our heads snapped up and my eyes widened with shock. One word...