Writing in colors

doesn't work right

when all you feel is white.

You can barely see the other colors

hovering at the edge.

The yellows and reds and blues

browns, blacks and gray

fight for which one comes over,

but none of them win.

Even the white is fading now.

Then an explosion

yellow and blue dart in front of you

orange and black just behind

soon it is a rainbow mess

tugging your head.

Its too much;

white pushes back through

and shines through your mind

until you can only see it.

It is bleary, but not gray.

The whisper of colors now pull at your ears.

You overpower the colors.

You push it all out, even the white.

No color surrounds you as you float

free at last,

but it can't last forever

it never does.

A name, your name is being called

somewhere far out there.

Your soul is weighed down

as the colors return

louder than before

and quietly you answer.