People say you don't know what you have until it's gone

Then what is the point of these times when we never know?

How do you capture that moment when you don't know its the one?

There was one who was by my side

But who was he to me?

What did I do with those feelings?

Seal them away in a locked chest, toss them into the sea?

But those feelings have no shape, can escape

And perhaps swim back to me?

Or maybe wrapped them up, tied prettily with a bow

And gave them to another without a second thought?

Was that how I forgot?

But how did it happen when my heart wanted to remember

And cling onto them tightly forever

Although the longing and pain are gone with them

Why does it feel too empty now?

What is love?

What kind of feeling is it?

Is it colourful, is it sweet, and perhaps bitter sometimes as well?

Did I forget when I forgot about him?

Was I better off remembering even though it hurt?