Anastasia Louise Travers "Trigger" December, 2011

The harsh words of the letter bounced off the walls in Mason's head. The gun he had stolen from the case that is in the living room laid on his bedroom floor in front of him. "Come on, do it". "Just go ahead and kill yourself"." It is all over anyways"." Can't you see that you are going to be put in jail?" As the echo of the last word bounced inside of this head, the little voice faded, he reached out and carefully grasped the gun. With shaking hands, Mason turned the weapon around and placed the barrel in his mouth. "Pull the trigger!"" Everything will be better once you are gone." The little voice came back this time it was snarling. Mason closed his eyes tightly and tensed as his clammy finger curled around the trigger. He clenched his hand and the bullet shot through his mouth and screaming out of his head breaking the silence of the night. The shot still echoed through the house as his parents hurried down the hall. His mother burst through the door letting out a shriek of terror. His father stood in the doorway, frozen. His mom's sobs drifted down the hall to Macy who stood, looking at the remains of what used to be her brother. Mason was two years older than Macy was. The Williams family lived in Newport, Arkansas. On the outside they look liked the perfect family. Mr. Williams was an important executive, and Mrs. Williams a Doctor at the local hospital. Mason was a tall, buff, star quarter back on the Newport high football team. Macy was head cheerleader and class president at the high school. Why would something so tragic happen to such a "perfect "family? It all happened because of the note. A day ago if you asked anyone in this small town do you think anything bad would happen to them, most would say no. You see Newport was a very small town, where everybody knew everybody's business. There was only one high school in Newport, Newport high home of the tigers. The Williams moved to Newport 20 years ago. Mr. Williams and Mrs. Williams were high school sweethearts. They grew up in Newport and never left. It was the perfect place to raise a family. Mason was in the locker room next to the gym when he saw the blue paper sticking out of his locker. He quickly grabbed it and starting reading it. When he finished reading the note, he looked up in tears. Why him he thought to himself. This cannot be happening. Mason drove home as fast as he could; he kept swerving on and off the road because his eyes were filled with tears. When he got home, he slammed the front door behind him and ran up to his room. Still thinking about what the note said he screamed as aloud as he could he sat on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands crying. Never has he ever cried, but he also thought never would this happen to him. He laid down with a pounding in his head, he closed his eyes as tight as he could and went to sleep. When Mason woke up he thought it was all a dream, he walked over to his book bag, took out the note, and read it over again. He knew what he had to do. He was going to end his life. Mason ran down stairs unlocked the gun case that was in the living room and took out the black hand gun, that his dad taught him to shoot two years ago. Mason went back up stairs and thought about what he going to do that night. Why is this happening to me he thought? What did I do to deserve this? All of these questions kept popping up in his head. He sat on the floor with his back against his bed and just stared at the gun. Mrs. Williams called for Mason to come eat dinner. He had fallen asleep until he heard the kind voice of his mom call up to him. He pushes the gun under his bed and wipes off his face. He gently walked down the stairs, sat at the table, looked as him mom, and told her loved her for the last time. Mason was quiet through dinner and as soon as he finished he went back upstairs. "Maybe I should go say something more to my family," he kept thinking. "However, that does not matter. ""What matter is how I am going to do this?"" Should I put the gun in my mouth or put it to my head," he kept thinking. Finally, Mason decided that he was going to put the gun into his mouth to end all of it. It was 10:36 PM, when the silence of the night was interrupted by the forceful sound of the gunshot. When Mrs. Williams ran, into the room all she saw was blood and her only son laying on the floor with a two letters beside him. The blue letter that was sticking out of his locker was one of the two letters. On that blue sheet of paper read these words; Dear Mason, I cannot keep doing this anymore. It has been four years I finally have to tell somebody want you did to me. I hate you for it. I hate everything about you. Seeing you in the hall about kills me. Knowing that you took my innocence and my childhood, I do not see how you can live with yourself. Your life is going to be over once I tell. Your friends will hate you, everybody will. I hope that they will hate you as much as I do. From, A stranger. The other note that laid beside Mason read; Dear whoever; What's sad is that it didn't have to end like this. I had so much potential ten years ago. So many people thought I would go straight to the top. Now I am not even going to graduate high school. You see I did not mean to do it. I just had a few drinks and I did not hear her say no. I'm sorry that it had to end like this. I love you. Please forgive me. As Macy watched at her only bother being lowered into his grave, she only cried a single tear. That tear was for happiness because she finally told someone about what her brother had done.