Hey people, me and my bro created thin in our spare time and its quite short. Basically, its just a story to humour the mind and show what bravery can do. So read on! Please rate and review my story too!

The Story of The Sky God

The sky god was a mighty and powerful being. He rules the entire sky and everything in it, but one day…. It got lazy. The sky fell down on the people and it crushed and smushed all of their crops. One of the men who left for the day was Liu Waotung.

He arrived to see that the crops were crushed and smushed and decided, "I must tell the Jade Emperor about this!"

With that, he jumped onto the clouds and drifted wistfully towards the Jade Emperor's palace in the highest point of the sky.

He arrived at the Jade Emperor's palace and thought, "Wow, this palace is HUGE!". He entered and bowed before the emperor. He said, "Your majesty, the sky has fallen and it's crushed all of our crops!" The emperor whispered to the man a way to stop it from falling and a way to get it back up. Liu thanked the emperor and fell back to earth on the clouds. He landed and told the rest of his village and told the people what to do. Everyone began to sharpen sticks and reinforce their houses. The people climbed to different mountains in the area and pointed their sticks at the sky. Then, they threw them as hard as they could towards the sky and the sticks climbed up through the clouds and stuck in the blue expanse of the sky. They hung for about a minute or two before a loud roar echoed through the valley before a mighty lighting bolt fell down on a little pig in the village that hadn't been smushed. The sky then rose back to its normal point in the sky and all the sticks made a large grey mark on his side. Life had now returned to normal. However, one day the sky god ate too much, and fell down on the people again! The crops were again crushed and smushed and everything was in a low blue haze. Liu Waotung saw how everything was crushed and smushed again and decided to go back to the Jade Emperor. He got onto one of the white fluffy clouds and was whisked away again past the heavens and to the Jade Palace.

He met the Emperor and bowed so low so as to touch the floor! He got back up and told the Emperor, "Your majesty, the sky is at it again! He has crushed all of our crops and now everything is in a blue haze." The Emperor nodded and gave a fairly audible sigh. "He will never learn." He muttered.

"Come here, Liu." He said and Liu walked up to the Emperor on his large, jade throne. "Reinforce all of your houses and guard everything with pointy sticks and stones, that will teach him!" The Emperor told of Liu. "Now go back down to your people and help them!" and with that, Liu was taken up again by the white clouds and sent back down to the blue hazed earth.

On the somewhat safe earth, Liu went from house to house telling people what to do. Soon, the entire village was building reinforced houses from their wood and they built long, pointy sticks that could kill even the mightiest dragon! The people then climbed back up onto the tall hills around the village.

"FIRE!" Yelled Liu. All the people lifted their sticks and long pointy logs and stabbed the blue belly of the sky. Again, a large roar of thunder was given by the blue mass and a lightning bolt struck another pig on the farm. The blue haze lifted back up into the sky. Everybody cheered and a large feast was held in the city centre.

However, not all would be well for long. Soon, the sky god fell again with his belly full of pork offerings from the people. All of the reinforced houses could not stand against his great weight and all of the houses, crops, and animals were crushed and smushed by the sky god.

Liu was now angry, he took back to the clouds and flew up to the Jade Palace of the emperor. He stormed up towards the Emperor and bowed very, very low. He then told the Emperor, "The sky god has fallen again! Your methods did not work for us!" The Emperor gave an old, slow nod. "Ah, yes. I know. The sky god has also taken all of my pork offerings from your village, we shall punish him with the most sacred and powerful force!" The Jade emperor pulled up a small Jade block. "If you put this into fresh water, then more blocks will spawn, and you can fashion your houses and weapons with this! Now go back and help your people!" Liu bowed to the emperor and fell back to earth with the Jade block. He placed it carefully into the water of the stream beside his house.

The next day, he awoke to a large pile of Jade blocks in his doorway. With the help of everyone in the village, he distributed the Jade blocks so that everyone could build their houses out of Jade. As the days passed in the blue haze that surrounded the city, the people placed the final Jade bricks on their houses and rose back to the tallest hill in the village. Liu rose his Jade spear, and with the help of the people, they threw it into the blue haze! The spear then began to fall from the weight, but the Jade emperor was watching their attempt and gave the spear a boost of power from his own sacred reserves. The back of the spear glowed blue and white and it propelled itself into the haze again. GWOOOAH! A loud roar emanated from the sky. The sky god rose again, but in rage, he fell back onto the village with the mightiest power! However, the powerful Jade houses that the people made protected everything, and the sky god shouted in pain again and rose back into the sky with several large holes in his skin. Everyone gave a final cheer and bowed for Liu Waotung, for he had saved the village from almost certain destruction. Liu looked up towards the sky and muttered a quick 'Xie Xie' to the jade emperor for his sacred gifts.

The sky god had not fared so well. He had large holes in his belly and he received a stern lecture from the emperor for taking his food. The sky god was then forbidden to eat any pork from that day on, and his stomach shrank back to size so none of the villages would be bothered again. The clouds took pity upon the large holes he sustained in his struggle and they covered him up with the clouds that took Liu Waotung up to the Emperor. These clouds also allowed the Emperor to monitor the sky god wherever he was so no misbehaving was ever done again. A monument was built in the city after Liu Waotung passed on, to honour his bravery and leadership in saving the city.

The end.