There is no pro in prologue.

He thinks the worst thing about it is that everyone is watching him. For what, he's not sure. Maybe the scream that has been raging inside his soul ever since he found out, or the tears stuck at the back of his throat.

He wants to let them out. Let them tear free and release a little bit of the unbearable hurt clouding him. But his sister.

She stands next to him, gripping his hand and sobbing loud enough for both of them. The body (not her body, because that would create the notion that she was still there, still alive, suffocating and alone) is lowered into the ground and he wonders if his little sister would do this for him, if she knew.

If she knew…

That he loved her best friend with his entire heart. That she died when things just started to work out. That he wanted to marry her.

That she was pregnant.

But she doesn't know and he can't tell her. Won't tell her.

This is his own grief, his own personal misery that he wants to keep close.

So he stands silent and lets her cry and rave and scream at him, to him, on him.

All the while wishing that the fucking idiot on the motorcycle had swerved just a bit to the left.