Amanda jogged down the sidewalk, her messy pony-tail trailing behind her. She stopped in front of her neighborhood marketplace. The door was covered in peeling red paint, and it groaned as she pushed it opened. She slowly made her way to the isle she knew by heart, and her hand shook as she caressed the familiar coolness of the beer.

She could almost hear Madi's voice telling her to "be strong" and she winced as she realized she was breaking her promise, again. Before she could change her mind, she grabbed the pack of beer, paid for it, and ran home as fast as she could.

The pearly white walls of the towering mansion came into view, and she walked up to the front door.

"I'm hooommme!" she called above the loud drone of music drifting from the living room.

She walked in to see Madi, hair frizzy, and makeup smeared, dancing with their four husbands, Toby, Tobias, Peeta, and Jared. You see, Madi and Amanda were sister wives, and they shared Brother Husbands.

Madi noticed the beer cradled in Amanda's arms and frowned, but her frown was soon replaced with a bright grin.

"Aw what the heck! Let's let loose for once!" she did a little battle cry and snatched a beer out of Amanda's grip.

Amanda smiled. Best. Day. Ever.

Haha! Stupid story I wrote in choir, and I decided to finish it so my friend could read it. Don't take it too seriously!