"Attention," the sales clerk, Shannon, called over the intercom.

I thought to myself, this is odd, we usually don't address our fellow coworkers that way over intercom.

And the store was closed. She wasn't addressing a customer either.

Shannon continued, "I've lost gold a ring with two crosses and two diamonds. If anyone finds it, please let me know. I just got it last week, it means a lot to me."

I thought, A gold ring with two crosses and two diamonds. Did someone give it to her? How sad, such a valuable piece of jewelry. Hopefully whoever finds it is honest and returns it to her instead of selling it.

Look over by the pant wall in the juniors department,I heard in my mind.

Why would it be there? I wondered. She wasn't even folding clothes in juniors. She's been taking care of fitting rooms all night long.

So I ignored the "voice" in my head and continued to wonder if the girl would get that ring back. What if a customer found it when the store opened tomorrow? My co-worker wasn't likely to get her ring back. How sad.

It wasn't long after I came onto my shift the next evening when I heard another co-worker squealed excitedly over the two-way radio, "HEY! I FOUND SHANNON'S RING!"

"Where did you find it?" I asked.

"In the juniors department, by the pant wall," the associate replied.

I was happy. I was excited for Shannon. Our supervisor said Shannon was coming into work soon and she would tell Shannon she found her ring, but I felt silly because I ignored that voice in my head the night before that told me where to look for the ring.

Shannon was so happy to have it back. Come to find out, the ring was fake, and not real. It only costed a few dollars, but she'd really wanted it and it was the only one of its kind for sale in our store.

When I think I could've suggested Shannon look by the pant wall, and she would've found her ring, but I didn't…

How many times to we hear the Holy Spirit tell us something and ignore Him?

But then again, if I'd told Shannon to look for her ring by the pant wall and she found it then she'd ask, "How'd you know it was there?"

And I would say, "Umm… God told me."

She might've looked at me like I was crazy...

Maybe I just missed an opportunity to share my faith with her.