Hey, this is a REALLY short story, but the idea just randomly came to me in a dream last night, so here you go! Someone tell me if I should continue this story or not! XD and I already got complaints about cursing. So its being replaced! Thank you tamarkaph for telling me! I promise there wont be any more curse words in the rest of the story. If I contine it...

So what if my best friend is an angel? So what if I am dying, and the only one who can save me is a human? I won't stop helping people. Maybe if when I died, I could become an angel. I'll be helping as many people in life as in death. But it'll be a while before I die.

That's what I thought two months ago. but now, I'm one the edge, and falling deeper and deeper into a deep pool of hatred and darkness.

Don't get too close. Please, just let me go. I want to die! This place only makes me hurt.

A loud banging sound echoed throughout my thoughts. Warm water was pouring down my face, and there was someone shaking me. A vague voice could be heard through all the blackness and heavy feelings.

"Mercy! What's wrong? Come on, wake up!"

I shifted, and bright florescent light poured into my dark dream. Heavy rain pelted the thick glass panes, I began crying, and the rain seemed to hit harder. I started to scream, and someone stuck a cloth in my mouth.

"Mercy, your not dead! Please say you're not dead!"

That voice echoed throughout my head over and over again, until I felt warm, and opened my eyes fully. I was standing outside a hospital room, staring at my lifeless form. I must be dead now. I don't think I regret my choice. It was for the best.

My head was bleeding, and my eyes were fading to white. I could see my human best friend, Kimmy Kitten as I called her, standing above me, crying her eyes out, and the- the boy I used to like, Nico, standing over her. Arisa, my best friend that's an angel, stared at me through the glass, mouthing curse words at me, and firery red hair almost flaming at the ends.

Dummy. Idiot. Stupid. If you were alive, I would kill you. A**. B***h. And any other word she could think of.

My form was being drawn near my body, and I held onto the wall to keep myself from going back. Arisa perked up, and stared at the heart monitor. "She's coming back!"

Kimmy looked up, a smile on her face.

"No! I don't want to go back! It hurts too much!" I gripped the door frame, and tried to pull the door shut, but it was like it was suspended in time. They all looked my way. I dropped to the floor, and the heart monitor rang a loud, last shrill cry.

"Kimmy, calm down. She's an angel now. She'll finally be happy."

She looked confused. "She wasn't happy?"

"She always loved Nico." Arisa told her. Kimmy looked angry. "But she never told you, because she loved you more."

All of the anger and sadness left the room in that one sentence. Nico hugged Kimmy, and he spoke up. "She's the one that broke up with-"

"If you would have listened to her, you would have known that she was threatened."

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