I awoke with a start, to a sound that I have yet to name and I lay awake and wonder what I was doing up at three in the morning. It was raining outside, I could hear the patter on the window in my little tiny flat in the middle of San Francisco. I snuggle closer to Leah, my dog, and hope to fall back asleep after being awaken for reasons unknown. But yet I can not sleep I was still stuck on that sound, it sounded like someone was on the fire escape trying to get in. When although that wasn't uncommon for the middle of San Francisco but I have gotten used to the creaks and the noises of the city that could keep anyone who hadn't lived here for a while up and awake. But I have been living here long enough to not be bothered with the noises of the night. But this noise was different, it was human, something was close I could sense it.

I must have eventually drifted off into unconsciousness because the next this that happened was Leah shifting on the bed and sunlight streaming through the windows. I rolled out of bed and opened the windows to smell the world just after being washed of the evil. It was the only time that the city smelled wonderful, right after a rain, sure you would get the little patches of fresh air and fog and sea, but it was never like the rain. The rain smelled pure and unsoiled, it was almost the earths way of starting over, for a few short hours after the rain has fallen the world is pure and unsoiled. I threw on some clothes and went to get a cup of tea and sit on my fire escape while Leah slept for a while longer. Slowly people shuffled out of their houses to get the papers or go home after a long night of lust and romance. If I stood and looked hard enough I could see the bay but that was my view, a little piece of the bay but a whole bunch of buildings from here to there. Nothing special for a single lady like myself, working my way through college just supporting myself and my dog, hoping to get out of this place and into the world to use the degree that I was working for, to explore the world by water.

I heard the familiar jingle of dog tags and found Leah in the window waiting for me to get ready for the morning walk that we shared before I had my first class. Even sometimes coming to class with me when there was a work day. I finished my tea and went back into my apartment to get ready for the day, "well Leah I'll get you some breakfast and I'll take my shower then we will be off."

I dressed simply, grabbed the leash and made it out to the elevator with Leah close behind.