I was lost in my own little world thinking about the voice of the night when Jason started to get up and clear the table, "here I can do that, you did cook let me do the dishes."

"No you sit I'll get the dishes again I really don't mind at all I have been doing it all night another set of dishes is not going to kill me." Again there was that smile with a straight row of teeth that was so infectious I had to smile back.

I glanced at my watch again, I had to get to work by eleven it was now closer to ten. A whole hour has gone by just with breakfast, and it doesn't feel like enough time. The pier wasn't too far away from my house I could walk there in twenty minutes, I still had a few things to do before work but I didn't want to be rude and kick Jason out. I followed Jason to the kitchen to find him with Leah eating scrambled eggs that Jason had obviously made for her, I walk over and pat her back, "aw is that a good snack, I hope that you said thank you."

He chuckled and looked over to where I was, "she did mostly definitely, she gave me a kiss before she started eating, it was very sweet of her."

"Oh I taught her manners, she is like my child really I don't know what my life would be without her. She's my baby." Leah finished eating and I picked up the plate and Jason took it from my hands and washed it along with the others that now sat on my drying rack. "Thank you again for cooking breakfast and washing the dishes. You really didn't need to do any of that."

"Alice, its fine really, I really didn't mind. You were nice enough to invite me in and be the first of all my neighbors to acknowledge me; I wanted to return the favor. I mean that was the best omelet that you have ever tasted right?"

I remembered back to that omelet and whatever was in my fridge must have been pretty damn good because that omelet was amazing and I haven't had anything like it ever. "That was the best omelet I have ever tasted. Whatever was in my fridge must have been good, what did you use in there anyway?"

"Oh a little this and a little that, some of the veggies that you had in your fridge, I am very impressed with your spice collection."

"Thank my parents for that one; I learned early on what spices do what and that others though seem peculiar are very delicious in certain dishes. There are some spices in there that I only use once or twice a year because I only make the certain dish less often."

"Impressive, one of these days you'll have to cook for me." He was leaning against the counter smiling at me.

"You sure smile an awful lot, but I guess happiness is always there it just takes a happy person to see it." I smiled back like I have been doing and walked out into my bedroom, Jason following fearlessly behind. "I have to leave for work soon; I work down at the pier at the bistro." I walked over to my vanity and grabbed my hair brush and curling iron and went headed to my bathroom. I didn't know how I felt about a guy I just met a little over an hour ago in my bedroom and somewhat investigating the most personal room in my whole apartment. He was looking at the most recent picture of my family, then one of me and Leah when we were younger and she was just a pup. It was a big time line really Leah when I first got her, and as she has grown and I have grown, how my hair used to be long and flowing and now it's short and preppy almost a boy cut. How Leah has gotten older and gone through her puppy phases to gangly younger dog to strong dog to the older getting speckles of gray along her muzzle. I was already dressed for the day so I started to curl the longer part of my hair like I loved to do; Jason slowly made his way around the room, I have hung up more pictures, some band posters, some art work that I have done over the many years. "Find anything interesting out there?" I hollered to him.

"Sorry, I just love looking at pictures, it explains so much about a person without saying a word," he said walking over to the doorway of the bathroom, "the artwork is gorgeous, did you do some of the photographs? They have that quality."

"I did actually, my grandfather had a darkroom and I took some film classes back home so most of the photographs out there I have taken and of course the ones of me others have taken and I have printed. It's a hobby of mine, I use digital but I still love looking at film and shooting pictures that last a life time." I unplugged the curling iron and sprayed then moved on to a little makeup.

"You are turning out to be a very interesting person," he said leaning against the door jamb, "I trust that we can become great friends Alice."

I finished my makeup and glanced at my watch again it was a little before 10:30 I needed to leave. "I do too Jason, that would be most wonderful to have a friend so close. But sadly I must close this session and unceremoniously kick you out because I need to leave for work." I walked to pick my purse and keys from where I dropped them when I came back in.

"Which bistro do you work at? There are a lot of them down on the pier. I can walk you to work if you would like."

"I work down at Kelley's, little but somewhat popular to the area. I wouldn't mind some company to work but didn't you work all night, and you're not tired?"

"Not the slightest, and I think I know where that is, I have lived here for a little while and was staying with a buddy till I found the place down the hall." He walked to the front door and opened it allowing me to go first.

"Bye Leah see you when I get home." I said to Leah who had climbed onto her place on the couch. We walked out the door and I locked up and we made our way back to the elevator, "are you sure that you don't just want to go home and get some sleep, it honestly wouldn't hurt my feelings."

"No I'm fine really, besides I am not done talking with you yet, and I know so much about you but yet you know next to nothing about me."

"Well, start talking then, where did you come from? What is your family like? What kind of hobbies do you have? How did you come to be here in San Francisco? Are you going to school?"

"Well now let's see I came from the state of New Mexico a city called Tucuman, my family was this crazy Irish and Scottish, no I don't know either how we ended up in New Mexico I'm thinking it was back during the gold rush and they just stopped in New Mexico and didn't move on from there. But I like to play guitar and I want to get a dog soon, I used to train dogs back home, I also like to have a good time and rock out at concerts. But mostly I just kinda hang out and I paint a little when the weather is nice. I came to this lovely city mostly because of the certain opportunities that the city can offer I will start at the college next term major it I don't know what just yet but I was thinking about maybe starting either a shelter organization or even going into veterinary sciences. I love animals that you surely already know with the infatuation that I had with Leah. Alright now I have just a couple of questions of my own, what are you doing in San Francisco? Where did you come from?"

"I moved to the city for school and the career that I want to pursue, it is kinda hard to do marine biology in the Midwest which is where I came from a town called Omaha in the state of Nebraska. My mom sides of the family lives up north in the Napa Valley area. So I really want to go into science and discover the earth by the waters, however that may come to be." We were turning the corner and walking onto the pier by the time we finished our chat, "the bistro is just down the street, you can just see the green sign."

We walked a little more, then we came upon Kelley's. It was a simple little hole in the wall bistro, open from eleven to eleven every day, we served everything from a double-decker cheese burger to a homemade dish of spaghetti that tastes like you were eating in Italy. The owners have been friends from high school, they graduated before me so when I finally graduated and moved out to the city I reunited with them and we got our friendship back on track, "well this is Kelley's it still doesn't open just yet but I'm sure you can pop in for a little while if you would like."

"That sounds great, lead the way."