**still Jason's Point of View**

"I do too Jason, that would be most wonderful to have a friend so close. But sadly I must close this session and unceremoniously kick you out because I need to leave for work." Alice said gathering things needed for the day.

"Which bistro do you work at? There are a lot of them down on the pier. I can walk you to work if you would like." I asked following her out.

"I work down at Kelley's, little but somewhat popular to the area. I wouldn't mind some company to work but didn't you work all night, and you're not tired?"

How ironic that she worked at Kelley's, when I wanted to take her there for a date, "not the slightest, and I think I know where that is, I have lived here for a little while and was staying with a buddy till I found the place down the hall." I opened the door for her and did a sweepings gentleman's bow motioning her out the door.

She said goodbye to Leah and walked out the door locking up, and walked toward the elevator, "are you sure you don't want to go home and get some sleep? It honestly wouldn't hurt my feelings."

I chuckled a little in my mind, "No I'm fine really besides I am not done talking with you yet, and I knew so much about you but yet you know next to nothing about me."

So while we walked I told her about my back ground of Irish and Scottish, and how I didn't know how I got to that heritage but I did. I told her about how I trained dogs back home and that I loved to have a good time even if that meant just chilling on a couch with a friend bullshitting the night away. I told her about the shelter that I always dreamed of opening and that I would probably major in veterinary, and once I got the degree I would open the shelter and help the animal community. "Alright now I have just a couple of questions of my own, what are you doing in San Francisco? Where did you come from?"

"I moved to the city for school and the career that I want to pursue, it is kinda hard to do marine biology in the Midwest which is where I came from a town called Omaha in the state of Nebraska. My mom sides of the family lives up north in the Napa Valley area. So I really want to go into science and discover the earth by the waters, however that may come to be. The bistro is just down the street, you can just see the green sign," she said and soon enough we were standing in front of Kelley's, just as it had been only hours before when I had seen it, "well this is Kelley's it still doesn't open just yet but I'm sure you can pop in for a little while if you would like."

What a god send that she suggested it because I wasn't done being with her, "that sounds great, lead the way." I was guessing she was either really good friends of the owners or she was the owner because she had a set of keys to the place and was unlocking and walking inside.

"Welcome to Kelley's," she said walking more into the restaurant, "Tim! Franki! I'm here! I brought a friend as well."

There was a faint clanking of metal in the back of the room and a short woman walked out with long brown hair with what looked like to be a bit of forest green coloring in it, I am guessing that that was Franki. Not far behind her was a tall muscular man with blonde hair it must have been Tim, it was strange because where as his wife was dark in complexion he was fair with light skin as well. Franki was the first to reach Alice and they embraced, "well Alice please introduce us to this friend that you have brought us."

"This is Jason, he just moved into my building this week. And we ran into each other this morning in the elevator and had breakfast; he makes the best omelets ever!"

"The best? Oh Alice that hurt, I thought you said my omelets were the best." Tim had remarked looking playfully hurt as he came in to hug Alice, "there might be a competition in the near future I think Jason.

I smiled at the playful suggestion and accepted Franki's embrace and Tim's powerful handshake while Alice walked in the back with Franki close behind. I followed her with my eyes until she was out of site then turned to Tim.

"Don't screw it up," Tim said with a serious father like look to his face that then turned into a smile, "so how 'bout it Jason, shall we test the skills and see who makes the better omelet?"

"Challenged accepted my good sir, lead the way."

We walked into the kitchen, it was a huge kitchen with one wall dedicated to cookery items and the rest of the space was filled with countertops and cabinets and a walk-in fridge on the back wall. It was marvelous; I used to cook for the family all the time, even taking jobs at several different restaurants to keep the family supported. So I learned how to make everything, from a spaghetti sauce that would be better that anybodies grandmother and a cheese burger that you didn't think could be perfected, cooking was sometimes the only thing I was good at so I kept cooking till I was the best. We got to work right away; the entire kitchen was free ranged as to anything that could be used in it. I started cooking on one end of the stove and Tim on the other, I decided to make the same omelet that I made this morning because it was still free in my mind, a simply country omelet with peppers, meat, and cheese, adding spices when need be. I always did things by scratch, never by a recipe; things just didn't taste right if it wasn't from scratch. I was just about to flip when the girls came into the kitchen, Alice automatically let out a laugh and Franki had a small grin while looking at her husband.

"Oh good you both are back, we need a few judges; I couldn't wait to take up the challenge so we started cooking, sit down and we will bring out the finished products." Tim had said to the both of them waving them away with the spatula he was holding, "Franki always things its funny when I cook but really I am a decent cook but it is Franki that runs the show back here, while I run the dining room and outdoor seating.

"Do you have any other employees besides Alice and your wife along with yourself?" I asked because I didn't see anyone else coming in to start for work since the place opened in twenty minutes or so.

"We have two others but they work later on and different days of the week, since Alice goes to college we kinda have to have other employees. But it is mostly just my wife and I and Alice. We have always been this close knit of friends all through our high school career and then I married Franki and we have always remained in touch until then Alice moved out here and we picked up where we left off. Well my omelet is done how about yours?" He said handing me a plate and picking up his own.

I flipped mine once more and put it on the plate, "get served and may the best may win." I said followed Tim out of the kitchen. "Ladies, I present tow omelets to you this morning, two omelets made by two different people. I will now ask you ladies to close your eyes while we place an omelet in front of you. To be fair I will put both down so there will be nothing to interfere with the judging," they both obediently closed their eyes and I switched plates with Tim putting his omelet down first. We both sat down across from the girls and watched them as they opened their eyes and tasted. But then came the second one and there was definitely a different reaction than there was with the one before. We both asked the same silent question, how were they?

"They were both delicious, but one was definitely better than the other. So with my expertise I will say that the second one was better than the first one, not by much though. Which one was yours Timothy?" Franki had said the judgment and Alice nodded in agreement smiling at me. She knew which one was mine because she had had almost the same exact one this morning not even three hours before.

Tim indicated his and shook my hand, "well it is settled isn't it, you make a better omelet than I do, congratulations good sir. You even one over my darling wife, I wonder what else you can cook. You said you were working at a 24 hour diner right?

I had to stick to my story but it really wasn't where I learned how to cook, "thanks for the friendly competition Tim, I enjoyed it. No hard feelings eh? And I do work at a 24 hour diner and I can make more dishes than I can count, all of them to my best abilities."

"Francesca, didn't you say that you wanted to hire someone else to cook in the kitchen so you could have a day off?" Tim had said this, giving his wife a look that spoke information that was yet still unknown.

"Really?! Oh Franki! That is so amazing congratulations guys." Alice said as she hugged Franki because she was closest then with tears in her eyes she went and hugged Tim. "Oh guys this just makes my day so much more special." She turned to face me, "but you started the day off on a good note so thank you for that."

"Timothy and I were going to tell you later but somebody decided to jump the gun." she scowled at her husband but was stopped short by a sweeping kiss.

I admired the sight and wished that relationships now a day would be more like theirs. I had glanced at the clock earlier and timed myself to realize without looking at the clock that it was time for the opening. I took the time between now and then to look more closely at the photographs and other things that were hanging on the wall. I could recognize things that Alice had done, Franki and Tim were in a lot of them. But others were younger photos of the group back what looked like high school then to when Kelley's first opened just above a pair of comically large scissors. By now I have made a complete circle of the restaurant and was standing in front of Alice.

"Well I am gonna be here all day then I might go out to celebrate after work. You should get some rest, you look as tired as an old dish rag." She had said with a small laugh then starting walking toward the door with myself behind her.

I would have to tell her soon enough about my little 'condition' but for now this seemed a logical enough reason for my staying awake for so long without feeling fatigue. "I guess I should shouldn't I. I guess there were two good things that came out of the morning and it's not even noon yet."

"What would those be?"

I looked into her eyes, "well I think I just got offered a better job instead of working at the cruddy 24 hour diner, and two I met you. This amazing, happy go lucky person that I can't help but be happy and smile when I am around you. So thank you Alice Cypress, that you for the most wonderful morning." And with that I started to walk back the way I came.