Authors note: I wanted to try something new, a bit darker. I promise all who read Aftermath that this story will only be posted occasionally, when I have ideas for it. I hope all who read this at least partially enjoy it. Author out! (;3

The woods were still. This was a worry to most, but not to Mar. An adventurous type, Mar loved the eerie nights that filled this new area. All of the sudden, a solid thud could be heard in the night. Mar quickly ran to its direction, and saw something no one should see.

It was a body. A still body, blood staining it's fur. When Mar approached it, the body showed no open wounds. All of the sudden, the body was no longer still. A steady breath pattern was shown in the movements of it's chest.

It's eyes opened, and it looked at Mar. Quickly, Mar stepped back to let it up. It was another dog, no doubt, but not one Mar had seen before. Mar then saw a chain around its neck. "Anubis" Mar read. The other dog looked down at the tag, "Yes, that's my name." As though reassuring himself. Mar straightened up and asked, " What're you Doing here?"

" I- I don't know."

" What pack do you belong to?"

" I don't know."

" You have to know at LEAST that!"

" I apologize, my head is pounding. I can't seem to remember."

" Ugh, okay. Come with me then."

" Wait, what's your title?"

" My name?"

" Yes."

" Just call me Mar."

" Where are we going?"

" To a friend of mine that may be able to help."

(One VERY long walk later)

" It looks like he's only scratched up, so the blood isn't his, (Which is slightly creepy.) Other than that, he's got what seems like Amnesia and a slight concussion. Where'd you find him?"

" In the woods, during my rounds."

" Julius won't be happy about that. We may need to leave again if the- 'You know who' followed us."

" The Shredders didn't follow us Sam! I heard that they were killed anyway. From the inside out even."

" Don't say that name!" Sam whispered frantically.

" Why not? They can't hear us! See? Sheesh Sam, you need to calm down!"

" She has every right to be frightful of that name." A booming voice called into the room.

" Master Julius!" Sam bowed.

" Samantha, I've been in here enough times as to where you don't need to do that." Julius smiled. Anubis tilted his head. He had never seen such a young dog in such a position, and the deep blush on Julius's face showed that he was new at it as well.

Anubis quickly bowed towards the young leader as well. As he approached, Julius chuckled a bit as he looked back at Mar, " Where did you find this pup?"

" On my rounds"

" Hello there. You can stop."

" Thank you, sir."

" So, you're Anubis? You look much like the god of death,of whom you are named."

" I believe that was the idea."

" How did that blood get on your fur?"

" I honestly don't remember. If I could, I wouldn't be here."

" You have a point. What DO you know?"

" The basics. What a pack is, what a clan is, and what my name is."

" He isn't lying either sir." Sam spoke up. Samantha, in her studies, found many ways to see the physical traits of liars, and was trusted in her abilities.

" Alright, until his memory returns, Anubis will stay in our pack. Therefore, the dog who found him will train him otherwise, and watch after him." Julius's eyes jutted over to Mar.

" But I don't-"

" Ann Marie! I don't care if we're blood, you found this boy, therefore he is your responsibility!"

" Yes sir. Come on Anubis."

" Your name is Ann Marie?" Anubis asked, smiling.

" My birth name, yes."

" Then why do you go by Mar?"

" It's a childhood nickname. It just kinda stuck I guess."

" I believe that Ann Marie is a perfect name to 'stick' as well."

" Stop talking like that."

" Like what?"

" Not using abbreviations. You're talking like it's painful to."

" I apologize. I don't seem to know many abbreviations for words. That, and what is comfortable for me may be different of that for you, Ann Marie."

" Stop calling me that! "

" Why?"

" It's not who I am! It's like me calling you Anu." Before Mar could move, Anubis tackled her to the ground, " Do NOT call me by that name!" He snarled. Suddenly, he stepped back and gripped his head before apologizing. " I- I don't know what came over me."

" It's fine. Just means you'll fit in here." Mar laughed.

" You can call me Anu, if it truly helps you."

" How about this, as long as you call me Ann Marie, I'll call you Anu. Deal?"

" Alright. So, where are we going now?"

" Home." Mar said.

" Home. Home I know of well."

That night, Anubis was haunted by a dream. A young woman running through the woods, away from a monster-like creature with blades for teeth. The monster approached her and with one swing-

' Fear the grey eyed beast. The blood he wears is not his own'

Anubis woke up in a cold sweat.

End note: Well, how'd I do? I think I have a basic idea down for this. I hope you liked it. I will be posting another chapter fairly soon. Until then, please tell me how I did! Author out. (;3