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Anubis found his way into the middle of the den he was sleeping in. It was a part of a larger cave that held the rest of the pack. Anubis didn't particularly like the cave, but he didn't question it. The dens were the worst part of it though. He had gotten lost in the one Annmarie had placed him in twice before he found the end of it. Speaking of Mar, he was surprised to see her with a rabbit in front of her when he woke up.

" Morning!"

" Yes, it is. Good for you to notice that. Why are you here?"

" If I have to babysit you Anu, then I'm gonna do it right." Anubis shuddered at that name. Though he agreed with Mar that she could call him by that, he still felt unsettled about it, like it had a meaning he couldn't grasp it in his memory. "Besides, we take care of our own. You're one of our pack until you find yours. You should know at least that rule."

" In fact, I do. I remember something of a poem about it. It went like, ' Blood and water run the same, but which one is the strongest?Whichever one to choose is what one stays on your hands the longest.' It was quite the rhyme" Mars' eyes were wide as she nodded, " Yeah. Pretty morbid too. Where'd you learn- oh wait, stupid question, you don't know."

" It's alright. No question is a stupid question, just a slightly oblivious one. Questions are a lot like living things in that matter. Did you- catch that rabbit?"

" Mm Hm, and I'm gonna teach you how to do the same."

" Really?" Anubis slowly wagged his tail. Hunting was something he knew OF, but his memory was still blank in the general area of what he'd learned.

" You bet. However, I'm not really a certified TEACHER, but one of my best friends is."

The cave lead straight into the woods, no space in between. The eerie feeling still hung in Anubis's head about the looming darkness of the woods. A strange echo came to him, 'Stay alert, this place is dangerous.'" Did you here that?" Anubis asked, thinking it was another dog speaking."No, why?"

" Just wondering..."

A loud rustle came from the bushes. "Did you hear THAT?!"

" Yeah, I did." Mar smiled. "Hey, Clydesdale! Stop scaring the kid!"

" Alright, alright." A booming voice chuckled from somewhere in the trees. Before Anubis could take a sigh of relief, a gigantic dog stood in front of him. His warm brownish-red colored fur looked like a maine, which fit him well, the rest of his body much like a lion. Anubis noticed something else, though. There were chains wrapped around his body.

" Keep your mouth closed pup, you'll swallow flies." Anubis didn't realize that he was gaping at the huge dog and quickly apologized. "No problem kid. Name's Clyde. Of course, my students call me Clydesdale, for obvious reasons. So Mar, this is the pup you found? Didn't know you were in to greyhounds." Mar blushed as she growled, " I'm not 'in to' any dog breed! Especially not this kid! Besides, his ears are too big for him to be a greyhound." Anubis lowered his ears, embarrassed, but they stuck up again like radars when another rustle came from the bushes, this time from a surprisingly white rabbit.

"A perfect example of prey. This rabbit has no camouflage, so it should be an easy cat-" Another dog jumped in at the rabbit, and in a flash of black and white fur, several bones could be heard cracking. The rabbit hung still in its hunters jaws when she stopped. " Very good, Bright eyes, but you've caught your share of misplaced animals already. I told you to practice on harder prey."

" Sorry sir." She said, dropping the rabbit as she did.

" And don't talk with your mouth full. (I swear, it's like talking to a puppy.) Mar, you know Sarah, she's been training under me for a while now."

" And Anu can join her."

"I'm afraid not."

" What?!"

"I'm training Bright eyes as an apprentice. I can't take any class members until she's fully trained. Those are just the rules."

" I can't train him! "

" Ask Kara then."

" Yeah, I- I can't really do that."

" Why not?"

" She- kinda, has a... Mate. If you know what I mean."

" I am afraid that I do not. What do you mean?" Anubis interrupted.

" She'd, uh, rather be left alone with her mate, for a while." Anubis was about to speak again, but stopped himself as a deep blush appeared on his face.

" I think he gets it." Clyde laughed. "I think I'm allowed to supervise you while you train him, as long as your brother can bend a rule or two."

" He's not my brother Clyde, he's my cousin."

" Who is not your brother?" Anubis asked.

" Julius. His family took care of me for a while, but that does NOT make him my brother!" Mar growled at Clyde.

" Calm down Mar, I was just playing."

" You shouldn't yell at Clyde like that Mar, he trained you too." Sarah said bravely. Though she was older than Mar, Sarah seemed like a puppy. Her black and white fur stood out, especially when she was next to Clyde, and her sky blue eyes explained her nickname, Bright eyes.

" She may be correct." Anubis agreed. " You did act a little rashly to a misplaced comment. Why does it matter if Julius is your cousin or your brother? Either way he's kin."

" Because he shouldn't be." Mar looked away angrily.

" Wh-"

" Leave it be, kid. Mar isn't exactly the talkative type when she's angry."

" Say that again, I dare you." Mar growled.

" Mar, I'm twice your size. You can't really threaten me. Besides, you need my help."

" Fine, I'll try to calm down. How do we start training him?"

" It really depends on what weapon he's skilled with. Do you know?"

" W- weapon?" Anubis hesitated.

" Yeah. Like this:" Clyde pulled the chain on his back, causing it to come off in one swift tug. Yards of chain flew up into the air for just a moment before falling behind a large blade, which Clyde caught in his mouth. Both of the students were amazed by this, but Mar just smirked, remembering the time she was in awe of the teachers brilliant skill as well.

Before Anubis could speak, his dream from the previous night ran through his head in a vivid flash, and his mind went blank.

. . .

" Hey, Anu! You wanna go practice some more before the mission?"

" You know I can't practice with you today, Jack. Sage'd kill me. I promised I'd take her to the lake before the mission."

" Sheesh, you're not even her mate and she's got your schedule filled up until every mission!"

" I can change that at any time."

" Which part?"

" Anu?"

" There's Sage, I gotta go."

" Anu!"

" I'm coming!"

' Anu? Anu! You better wake up!'

. . .

" Anu! Wake up! Come on!"

" Sage?" Anubis said through his blurry vision.

" No you idiot, it's me. Why'd you pass out like that?"

" Oh, Annmarie. Did I faint?"

" Yeah. You hit the ground pretty hard." Mar said, " Who's Sage?"


" You said the name 'Sage' several times when you were out."

" Oh. I- I don't know. The name sounds familiar."

" Well, whoever Sage is, you seem to have some sort of connection. Maybe Mr. Memory loss had a girlfriend." Clyde teased. Anubis felt the blood rush to his face yet again, but he let it. He felt a comfort in the tease, like he was used to it. Whoever Sage was, she had to be someone special, because Anubis could point her out in his memory.

Mar batted Anubis on his head, knocking him out of a daze.

" Come on, lover boy. We need to re-teach you how to hunt."

" Alright!" Anubis grinned.

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