A/N: i post a lot of stuff that is too personal to show anyone in my life and this is it. I'm an orthodox Jew in a very conservative school ad whil i really love my friends and even my teachers they drive me nuts sometimes.

It's not their ideas that burn my skin

And take our minds

It's their methods

Failing to be kind

Built of crumbling tradition

Refusing to change or bend

Yet the pillars that stand strong still

They ignore as they pretend

That the right in this world

Belongs to them and no one else

And that the way to teach it

Was to force my sense of self

Into a box so narrow

I went numb to all the pain

Until finally I opened my eyes

And woke up in the rain

As I broke out of my confinements

I began to feel again

And suddenly their beliefs

No longer made sense

Now they drive me crazy

Now they make me cry

Now I've found a self I never knew

Found my wings and want to fly

I feel anger at them

For hiding flight from me

Not with blindfolds or camouflage

But by teaching me not to see

And with all that I love them

I want their warmth and shelter

Yet I can't bear to stay

I can't take it any longer