All These Thoughts

All these thoughts,


Are driving me insane,

Every second,

Every minute,

It comes back to me,




I can't take it anymore,

I might be a monster,

But that doesn't mean that you can call me one,

I have feelings too,

But still you torture me,

The endless pain I have caused,

And I regret none of it,

I enjoyed killing them,




I smiled as they screamed,

Screamed for me to stop,

Yet I carried on,

I couldn't stop,

Even when I had done enough,

Satisfied my thirst,

I killed them all,

Everything in my path ends up dead,

One way or another,

Even if it's years after we've parted,

I'll hunt you down,

Kill you,

Drain you dry,

And I won't regret it,

I'll be glad that you're gone,


There is only one way to end this,

Kill me,

Kill me and end the pain,

Kill me or I'll do it myself.

But only by your hands will my soul truly be free.