It has been over four years since the death of Luke Wallace, and I have moved on with my life. I received a Bachelor's degree in English, and moved on to get a job for a prestigious news magazine in Portland, Oregon. Oddly enough, I write a cold crimes article, studying old murders from long ago. So even now, I still can't seem to get away from blood and murder; I just prefer ones where the murderers aren't still alive.

Since the incident, I have written a book about my experience, as well as given many speeches. I am a strong advocate against bullying, and use Ally's story as an example in speaking at many high schools. I know I cannot fathom what she went through, but I hope in my heart that I can make some difference in some lives so they don't decide to take the same route as her.

Eric is still working in Washington D.C., and is a successful politician and businessman. Last year, he married a lovely young woman and they are expecting their first child soon. You cannot even imagine how excited I am to be an aunt. Sometimes, Eric and I will sit down and talk about those two short periods in our lives, and we both agree we were the lucky ones.

Jason and Stacy are doing excellent as well. Jason graduated from high school with honors and is now attending Harvard-yes, Harvard-for his law degree. I haven't talked to him in a month, just because of how busy he is with school. Stacy graduated from high school last year and decided to study abroad. At nineteen, I am a little concerned with her being abroad, but she keeps telling me I'm acting too much like a mother.

Oh yes, my parents. I will never blame my father for anything he did involving Ally. If he did turn a blind eye, he made the wrong decision, but I prefer to look back on him for all the good things he did, not the bad. After all, whatever he did, he did not deserve to be killed in such a brutal way. I still visit my parent's grave several times a year, bringing flowers and saying a little prayer. They were taken from me far too early, but they deaths are the reason I am who I am today. I cannot imagine who I would be if they had not died, but even now sometimes I get a desire to call up my mom and ask her advice.

I do not consider Luke Wallace an evil person. Before I met him, I always considered serial killers to be evil people. But now I look at them simply as pitiful creatures. I'm not saying they don't deserve they punishment, but sometimes I wonder, if they were surrounded by different circumstances, if they would still turn to murder. But then what do I know about it? I am merely a crime writer who had two run-ins with a serial murder.

The Raven is still my favorite poem, and I find myself quoting it frequently. To me, it doesn't remind me of how my parents were murdered, or that I and my siblings almost were as well. It reminded me that I was still alive, and so are the three people I love most in the world. And who knows, I may just run into another Luke Wallace in the future and not be so lucky.

Note: Thanks for reading, and I hoped you enjoyed it. I know the ending was a little depressing, but then it is a horror story. I am not planning to make a sequel to this story, though I did go back and forth between whether I should kill Luke Wallace off or not. But I decided I wanted to move onto other projects, and I guess I just don't enjoy writing horror that much. Oh, and huge applause if you got the reference to Shakespeare's Macbeth in Chapter Five. I am nearing finals weeks for school, and soon summer will start and I should have more time to write more. But until then, best wishes in all your lives and thank you for your continued support.