New Kid By jumpingjaxx13

I get lost in the thousands of faces around me

Each one merely a blur with a story

I'm the random kid at every baseball game

Where is kind?

Spinning around and around in circles

Through the tortuous passageways to home

The bat hits the ball; I go flying every which way

Where is leader?

Finally finding my destination

Unblinking eves watching my every move

Stepping onto home plate in front of a crowd

Where is support?

My palms sweat with anticipation

Trying to keep a calm expression

Butterflies churn in my stomach; Will I hit it?

Where is answers?

The boy beside me smiles at me

Is that good or bad?

The ball is flying toward me: What do I do?

Where is advice?

Eating lunch alone, my favorite class

The boy comes and sits beside me

The crowd is silent; timing is everything

Where is calm?

He talks to me and tells me his name

I listen, in hope of a friend

'Luck of the bat' my coach used to say

Where is breath?

End of the day he leaves me

Tells me to call him later

Home Run! Cries the crowd

Here is friend.

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