The detective sighed, and glanced at the mansion. "Typical" he said under his breath as he walked up the cobblestone steps, flipping his

notebook in such a manor that it opened to a fresh page. His placed his pen behind his ear, and knocked on the door. The sound echoed

throughout the court yard, causing the crows on the surrounding trees to scream, and leap off the trees. The detective rolled his eyes. It was

like he had walked into a book.

The door swung open, a pale faced girl with blonde hair opened. She had on a maid's outfit and she looked terrified. "The detective's here"

she said, and a smiled erupted on to the young girls face. "I'm Serrie. I work for Mademoiselle." she said bowing. The detective glanced at her,

then his note book.

"Small in stature, but workers hands. Seems viably upset, but could also be a very good actress." he scribbled next to her name.

He nodded at her and walked in. Another sigh escaped through his lips. It was a large room, with a huge chandelier, and big glass windows.

AS if on cue, lightening struck, and he heard people scream. The detective gave the maid his long trench coat, and Sherlock Holmes style hat,

and glanced around. He saw six other people standing in the room, in different states of array. There was girl, with a bored look in her face,

her deep brown eyes showing some fear. The girl next to her looked scared, but also excited as if she was watching a horror film, not in on.

Then there was a couple the girl holding on tightly to the boy, another girl in a maids outfit, and a boy with a very sharp knife in his hand.

"My name is Detective. That is what you'll call me. I want to speak to everyone personally. According to the call I got earlier, the host of this

party, the girl who owns this house, was murdered. Who made the call."

The other girl in the maids outfit stepped forward. There were tears in her brown eyes. But she looked deceitful.

"Not athletic, fragile, but may be dangerous. "went the notes on the detectives paper.

"My name is Amanda. I found Mademoiselle, in her room. We all heard the gun shots. I don't know who would want to do this." the girl broke

out into very ugly tears. The detective taped his foot.

"Show me the body." he said simply. The girl took his hand and she led him up the stairs into a small room. He opened the door, and felt a

pang go though his heart. There was a girl, with red hair, stained by her own blood, that collected around the floor. She had on a pair of

jeans, and a over sized concert shirt. The bullet wound was through her chest, not too close to her heart, but obviously fatal. He crouched

down next her. She seemed to have a smile on her face. He glanced at her hands. There was a note tucked in to it. He pulled it out and his

eyes knotted in confusion. It read simply.


"where's the weapon." he said. His hands shook slightly. This was the worst part of the job.

"The cook found it outside her window." Amanda said from outside her window.

"I'll get the morgue guys to come clean this up." he said, and walked out of the room. "I'll need a interrogation room. And a place to keep

everyone together." Amanda nodded.

"Oh, and be a sweetheart and get me a drink please." the detective said.

Hey there. The idea for this came from my friend, so you can all thank her for the mystery. I hope she likes it, and i hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know what you think of it :D