I run up the stairs quickly, almost tripping on the first step. Behind me I hear the front window shatter. I curse under my breath as I make a sharp turn into my room. Once I'm inside I slam the door shut.

I'd always told myself that my house was safe, that they'd never get me in here. What an idiotic thought. Nowhere was safe anymore. Thundering footsteps up the stairs interrupts my thoughts. They're coming. I scan the room for something to block the door with and come up with only my dresser. An ugly white thing but its weight should hold them back for a while. I get on the other side of it and push it to the door.

The bottom of the dresser scratches lines into the floor. My mother would have been mortified. If she was still alive that is. When the epidemic first begun she left to find help and never returned, leaving me here alone. After much effort the dresser sits firmly in front of my door. I can hear them clawing at the door now. Despite the weight and sturdiness of the dresser it won't hold them off forever. My heart is beating like crazy. There's no way out of here. There's a window but my room is on the second floor overlooking a cement. The door is starting to push open now revealing masses of dead and rotten hands. Okay, my options are clear. Either I jump or they eat. I run over to the window and pull it open, chipping the white paint in my haste. Like most house windows it has a screen. Dang it. I try to rip it out but it won't budge. The walker's retch and growl behind me, it's clear that I've only got a few more minutes before they swarm my room. I give the screen one more attempt but it's useless. The door flies open and the dresser falls over. There's no time for thinking, I step back and ram the screen.

The screen and I fall to the ground below. I land with a hard thud. I feel like every bone in my body is broken. But I can't stop. I'm not safe yet. Weakly I push myself off of the grass and force myself to my feet. Where do I go? My house is being overrun and I can't think of anywhere. My head is throbbing like crazy. I hobble out of my unfenced backyard and around my house. The walkers seem still to all be in my house so I make a clean getaway the street. Though there aren't any undead in the street I keep my guard up.

I'd only been out of our house a few times since all this had gone down. Being by myself I was just too afraid to leave the house. We didn't have any guns so our only method of survival was hiding and praying to god that we'd be okay.

After what seemed like forever of walking I found my self in the downtown area. Most of the stores and business where around here. I stop my walking for a moment and look around. The sun is just beginning to set, casting shadows on the ground. Then I see it. The middle school. A tall red brick building, looming over all the others. It's perfect. There are so many places to set up camp and maybe there's still food left in the cafeteria. With a newfound excitement I hurry over to the building. Suddenly they're a terrible pain in my head and it all goes to black.